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St. Gregorys Church and Newhay

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
19 May 2022 14:36

I haven't posted on here since December when Lynne was very supportive. Anyway walking the dogs this afternoon I happened to take a rest on the wooden bench at the Newhay. There was a workman there installing what is to be a metal bench. We started chatting about how nice it looks here now they have mowed the grass, ah, his say's they want to sell it?????? what?? the Newhay he say's, 'who wants to sell it says I. Is it the council? No, it belongs to the church, what! So new graveyard or houses no doubt. Or is this old news.

19 May 2022 19:16

Hope you have now settled in to your new abode @Brooklyn Bridge.

Newhay up for sale? If it's old news then I haven't heard it.

Perhaps someone with contacts at St. Gregs could pose the question and let us know the answer?

and on the matter of new benches being installed......see my new thread concerning Sandy Lane Playing Fields. 

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