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Well I'm up to late. It looks at this posting the vote's are close. One thing, if the remain wins and by a small marjority it sends a strong message to Brussels and the EU that is don't mess with the UK.

19 Jun 2016

Hi Gary, those are all LEAVE voters.

You know Carer, I agree with you. The problem is lot's of people can't make up thier minds and that's a shame whether it be for leave or remain, whichever way it goes I for one will not complain. I'm sure some of you know which way I will vote. I've had enough of all these debates with the same questions and answers. One last thing though watching the news tonight George Osbourn verbally made the ...

This scaremongering directed at Senior Citizens stating that pensions being reduced if the vote to leave prevails is the lowest of the low. I wonder how those people that want to remain feel about this uncalled threat to our elderly.

8 Jun 2016

What a shambles last nights debate was. Farage was heckled not being able to answer questions put to him during the allocted time for each question. Cameron on the other hand was allowed the time and more to answer question many of which he carefully ovoided. It was very obvious that the audience been selected to barage Frarage ( excuse the pun ) ...... Now we hear the website for people to ...

June 6th 1944
6 Jun 2016

Today 72 years ago thousands of young British troops along with our Commonwealth and American troops stormed the beaches in Normandy to rid the world of the German oppression in Europe. Many never came back they gave thier life's for our freedom, a freedom that has been granted to us by thier sacrifice. Now all these decades later we are being dictated to again by Germany... France of course was ...

So now ND you have found the person who is responsible for the storm damage in Feb 2014 where the sea washed away the railway lines and sea wall. Perhaps you were not here during that time. But thanks for being so observant. Chesil Beach is a National Heritage Site.

Very Interesting arguments on both sides for deciding IN or Out. Of course it's a leap of faith whichever way you view it, but you have to ask yourself do you want to be ruled by Brussels which of course we will be if we stay in and with the impending of Turkey being granted membership along with others. If you think services are at breaking point now it's going to get a lot worse. We all have ...

21 May 2016

As far as the referendum is concerned the people who will vote out know that they wont win it will be fixed for the remain side. I will be voting OUT. I wonder which way this forum would be voting? Lets do our own survey. Anyone up for it.....

I would suggest to Jelly that you rent somewhere for about a year. That way you would get to know the area without making a committment to buy.

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