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Those of us who do not watch the BBC are still forced to pay the £155 tax.  Make it a subscription service like Sky or Netflix, then we would see how truly popular the BBC really is when there is a choice of not funding it.

No point, politicians always lie.  Treason May is on record promising dozens of times that we would leave the EU on March 29th.  At least with Boris there's a chance he will actually be true to his word and we do leave on Halloween.

Trump and Boro
8 Jun 2019

Salad bags bought from the supermarket have been washed in chlorinated water, Remainacs don't seem too bothered about that.

Once we get Boris installed as PM the exit day will not be far off.  Treason May's efforts to thwart Brexit have failed.

EU Elections
27 May 2019

In its coverage SKY attributed all Labour votes to the Remain cause in order to misrepresent the result, which just shows it is as untrustworthy as the BBC when it comes to reporting.

Nigel Farage
23 May 2019

Can't be arsed to waste 11 minutes of my life watching an anti-Brexit video narrated by that luvvie Stephen Fry.

The results are on the Teignbridge website

3 May 2019

The Lib Dems will do an awful lot of damage in four years.

3 May 2019

If we participate in the EU elections later this month support for the Brexit Party will demolish the Lib Dems, they may as well savour the "victories" today because they will be short-lived.

And what if there is no party standing that represents your views?  Voting for the best of the worst is a cop out.  I would rather spoil my ballot paper.

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