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General Election 2019 - Predictions

11 Dec 2019 09:02

Anyone care to have a go at predicting the result?

My prediction is

    Big majority for Boris.

    Lib Dems second, Labour third.

    Brexit Party win in Exeter and Plymouth.

11 Dec 2019 10:51

I think Boris will win a decent working majority, but no way will the Lib Dems come second.  I would dearly love to see the bouffant Bradshaw get kicked out in Exeter, but as with Plymouth, the high student population and dodgy voting will ensure his survival.

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11 Dec 2019 12:09

Boris's majority will be 50.

Brexit party will have 20 MPs.

Lab / lib dems will disband after the election due to utter failure.

Masonic Bodge
Masonic Bodge
12 Dec 2019 17:40

@ burnside

The 'bouffant Bradshaw'? A bouffant is a woman's hairstyle. Better to criticize his politics rather than his appearance. I'm no fan of New Labour. But are you suggesting he's effeminate? I hope that comment is not a reference to his sexual orientation.

He is a rather good looking man for his age. I detect some jealousy.


And 'dodgy voting'? Do you mean the first past the post system?

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12 Dec 2019 20:53

Bradshaw is on the effeminate side in my opinion, and his hairstyle doesn't dispel that image.

As for the dodgy voting, students are allowed and encouraged to register to vote at their home and university addresses, though forbidden from voting at both.  During the current election campaign some students have openly bragged about intending to break that rule, and there are absolutely no checks in place to ensure this does not happen.  To all intents and purposes students have two votes, and that seriously undermines democracy.  It's no coincidence that Plymouth and Exeter contain the only two Labour constituencies in the county.

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13 Dec 2019 11:12

@masonic bodge 

you state about the guys hair saying that it should be a discussion  his politics then YOU bring up his sexual orientation and mention that he is a good looking man. Are you wanting to tell us something.?

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Masonic Bodge
Masonic Bodge
03 Jan 2020 16:53



I didn't bring up Bradshaw's hairstyle in the first instance. @Burnside brought it up and I wondered if his remark was homophobic.


Bradshaw is a good looking man for his age.

What do you think I'm wanting to tell those who read

Plus what is with the underlined YOU in caps locks?


@Burnside If Bradshaw is 'on the effeminate side' - So what?




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