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General Discussion

@Cassandra . I  have same problem, sometimes i cannot correct mistakes i made delete button wont work etc. etc.

@Woodcock . Read my post again,  it said IF the Labour Party.

11 Aug 2015

@Tom . So if the Labour party were in government (god help us) ,  would you be saying we cannot walk on it until some Labour MP  has opened it?

10 Aug 2015

@Flo . be nice to walk  down the sea wall again. no doubt the plymouth  mob will be there. Its residents only until 1.00pm, everybody from 1.00pm.

10 Aug 2015

Could Elvis Presley sing?  They should have Muse down there, at least they are Local. They come from Teignmouth.

10 Aug 2015

Lets just hope the Plymouth Mob dont turn up and Interfere. They probably will seeing that this event will probably be televised. Marvellous that NR have finished their work before the Airshow. Great to hear its been finished.

@OurSoul . Who are the two leaders Cockwood Revolutionary Army ?

Network Rail
25 Jun 2015

Heard today that Network Rail are not Introducing the new trains In the autumn. The £38.5 billion Is being reset. Some of The work they were going to do may be delayed or cut entirely. The electricfication of the line will now only go to Swindon and further on much later.  The East Midlands line, York-Sheffield shelved, as Is the Trans Pennine service. The Great Western services will still be ...

13 Weech Rd
12 Jun 2015

@Lynne . Cheated by looking on Google. Sterling Property ltd. apparently operate in the North West only. as for Safebrite ltd. their registered office is in Greenford Essex. Unless I missed something, which is probable.

Sea Wall
4 Jun 2015

@Brooklyn Bridge . The line re-opened on April 4th. 2014.

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