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@Lynne . Yes you are correct. GWR HST do not have gaps at the top, Cross Country Voyagers do. Why, I do not know.  Just shows you that HST are the best and they were british built.

GWR trains don`t, Cross Country trains(Voyagers) do. They have gap at top of them.

Cross Country run only a few services to Paignton and Penzance. Most do not stop at Dawlish. All of them stop at Exeter St. Davids. I see peoples point but I do not think there Is much you can do to change there mind. I think that this Is all  down to seawater getting Into the gap at top of train.

I heard this morning on BBC News, that a man dressed as a clown has been arrested and charged with carrying a Imitation weapon, a knife. I Forget where It was.

Can someone help please. When there Is a link for torquay herald why Is It when I click on link I get lines where there should be text? The others are unaffected.

@Monty . Just found out that there are 2 versions. Herald Express(for Torbay area) , and Plymouth Herald for Plymouth area.

5 Sep 2016

@Monty . Is the Herald Express printed in Plymouth, South Devon?

@leatash . Is that on top of your TV licence I pay for my TV stations?

I know your going to say, serves you right etc.etc. but I went Into the Baileys Restaurant yesterday and had the most vile tasting cup of tea In Dawlish. It was vile. So I went Into the Beach Cafe next door, got lovely food and a lovely cup of tea. It was beautiful. Go on say It, told you so. As you have gathered I am back In Winchester after a lovely break.

Thanks Lynne. Looks like I have brought sunshine for today but the weather forecast for tomorrow should be dry but cloudy. Thanks for the good wishes.