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General Discussion

Its another take over bid by the slimey, leftist, traitorous Lib Dems. Look what happened last time they had control. We had to have a parish poll to get rid of them.

Yet another TDC fiasco. When are the tax payers of Teignbridge going to do something about this incompetent joke of a district authority. A public vote of no confidence needs to be raised asap.

Illegal Parking
18 May 2017

OMG the vigilante brigade are really out and around in town. So what time of day was the Geralds van photo taken, looks like very early to me. Its just a shame the real crimes and other more important issues get overlooked.

Rumour has it that the CEO of Teignbridge District Council is leaving her post after the general election and is not being replaced. Thats a cool saving of £125,000 plus per year. All we need now is for a few more of    the nose in trough so called executives to go, and maybe a few of the less than useless councillors and we might be able to keep the public toilets open, mow the grass and even ...

Illegal Parking
13 May 2017

Get a life people, nobody uses the cycle path for anything else so why not take advantage of the extra parking space

If your of the leftist liberal ilke like a few on here then you will be well aware of the tragic events of Wednesday afternoon in London  this week. Well Andrew Neil on the this week programme actually on the usually baised  BBC made the following opening speech. This is why the majority of out country voted to leave the EU watch and listen and take note because when the fight back starts you and ...

23 Mar 2017

Liberal leftists attempting to upset the majority democratic vote. Scared to death of the changes that may see huge benifits to our country. Like control of our borders and imigration, free world trade, closer ties with a Trump led America and a Putin led Russia instead of idiots like Angela Merkel and the Swedish ecconomic migrant loving government. Ignore the mamby pamby, rainbow ...

Mobiles and driving
2 Mar 2017

Whillst fully suporting the new rules. I hope they will also be applied to the Police as their traffic cars are full of communication equipment, camera's, ANPR systems, etc, and despite their claimed special driver training they are not imune to having and causing accidents and are increasinly single manned which means all this stuff is being operated on the move by the driver.

28 Feb 2017

FROM SOUTHWEST TRUCKERS WEBSITE = CONFIRMED: **6 points and £200 fine for using a mobile whilst driving from 1st March 2017** Advice to keep it simple: - Keep your mobile in a craddle or glove box - You cant touch the phone if its in a craddle, even if you stop at lights and even if your parked up with the engine on ... - If you want to use the sat nav on a mobile or plug the charger in. ...

@monty So your grievence is with the council not the travellers, Romany's etc. The original campers up on Haldon were a mixed bunch of hippies, new age travellers, society drop outs and the odd one or two that couldnt afford to live any other way. Some I know actually did have jobs taxed and insured their vans but as your point fell into the very same catogory as any others that couldnt afford ...

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