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I want them behind bars for treason

Trump vs Hillary
9 Nov 2016

Its happening folks, president Trump, president Putin, Brexit, next year Marine le Pen and 70% of Germans wanting Merkel out. Add in the Polish, Hungerian views. GOT THE PICTURE YET. Its time the so called experts and the self interested elite got off and listened to the democratic view of the people

8 Nov 2016

Got to be Trump the benifits will be good for our country as well. With Clinton nothing changes and it will be her husband running the US again as she is just the mouth. Plus I want to see Trump burst the bubble and get Hilary behind bars as he claims she should be

Shame they cant add a few of the Lab/Lib traitors still in this country

So lets get something straight. The government force the district and local councils to provide land for housing. A developer then buys the land applies for planning. Then due to policy the district council ignores any objections and infrastructure issues and grants planning so the building goes ahead. Well what happens if the privatised utility companies who dont forget have a duty of care to ...

Sack the whole team and management and appoint Plymouth Argyle as the Enland team. Probably the same results but at a fraction of the cost and who knows they might even win something.

Front page of todays Gazette and the audacity of town and district councillors. How is it the same coucillors that did nothing to stop the over development of the Secmanton Lane area, by voting for and subsequently granting planning consent. Now want to blame a private utility company for not providing adequate infrastructure and multi - million pound investment into the failing sewerage system. ...

@S Like all the others that voted to remain and welcome terrorists oh sorry refugees into our country. Head in hands whillst Muslim thugs take over the streets of Londons suburbs, and gang rape little girls, install their own uncivilised laws, and basically run ferrul because everybody who speaks out against them is racist. Well when it comes to whats best for my kids and grandkids in our ...

19 Jul 2016

Well the vote was pretty much the same as Brexit and quite rightly so. People are begining to wake up at last and realise that as a powerful world leading country we need to look after No 1. Made me laugh that Corbyn and his joke followers got on the wrong side of the vote again, when is this political idiot going to stand down and go bury his head. Anyway thats two arguments democratically ...

18 Jul 2016

Definatley FOR. If we stop dishing out foreign aid, and paying bennifits to assylum seekers, migrants, immigrants call them what you want. We will soon have paid it off. You never know once the Saudi oil bubble bursts we may just need it, if only as a deterent.

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