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Due to its proximity to Langdon prison (hospital) and non-requirement for local people plus the no doubt wood hut cheap and nasty over crowded construction thus forming a modern slum how about Criminal Close Mental Way Hide the truth Avenue Another dump road Single parent drive Asbo lane

Governments have been discussing Global Ecconomic Re-alliegnment behind closed doors for years now, prior to the forth coming oil crisis. The Covid virus was being developed in Chinese laboratories financed by the World health Organisation in readiness as a way of controlling each counties populations should things have started to get out of hand. Unfortunatly an unready sample of the virus ...

If people in this country would have listened to Enoch Powel and acted on his warnings accordingly we wouldnt be having issues relating to BLM and whats racist or not. Its to late to stop the invasion now the future of the county is looking pretty grim at the moment and is on the way to becoming a bankrupt third world shit hole.

Brilliant event managed to believe we were back in the real world for an hour. Of course the odd few sheeples tried to spoil it by wondering around with their stupid looking face masks on. Far better than the Dawlish Warren rip off on Thursday afternoons. Come on Powderham lets make it a regular thing

Yarn always playing the victims and dealing the race card for attention.

When I worked for Hiremasters we used to deal with Network Rail, and the access to the beach via the shell cove house site we understood was controlled by the said Network rail. Not once did anyone on the House site question our parking of delivery lorries in the grounds or the Network Rail staff that used to come and collect the equipment from us via the wooden walk way.

Have said all along that the people are being led. The media have once again abused their power by using the fear factor of their reporting in order to control the public. In addition the government spouting about it being law to do this and law not to do that again is just a load of crap. Anyone with half a brain would know the proceedure for adopting a new law in this country and the length of ...

Has anybody seen a copy of the official Traffic Order granted by the dept of transport that DCC have a legal requirement to obtain before instigating these restrictions. I very much doubt they have applied for and been granted such, in which case the restrictions are unenforceable and the signage is just another waste of tax payers money. No doubt the idiot Stuart Huges is behind this.

The sea wall
24 Jul 2020

They should be facing massive penalty clause payments which should be paid directly to Teignbridge and the money used to reduce our council tax bills. No excuses they certainly cant blame bad weather. In a few years time no doubt we will be noticing the other cost cuts they have made when the new concrete panels get cancer and start breaking up due to being made from cheap and nasty materials.

The main reason for the five month delay in forcing the face coverings is that in March there was no available stock of masks in the country. Since then the government have bulk ordered £millions of pounds worth of masks from China knowing full well they are cheap and nasty replica's of British Standard products and that they will not offer any form of protection. However having now distributed ...

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