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Face coverings for supermarkrts etc

24 Jul 2020 07:27

Initially i wore a p3 rated repirator and goggles to go to the supermarket because of the publicised risk of shrivelling up and dying if i did not.

After  a while i just got so stressed wearing the stuff i stopped wearing it. I have not had any real issues from not wearing the ppe other than much lower stress levels whilst i do my shop.

So why now, nearly 4 months after the lockdown, the government deems we have to wear face coverings to go to the supermarket, but in its insanity not to resteraunts and pubs.

I have found the perfect solution for a face covering, a pair of Y fronts. They fit purfectly over my head and i can look out of the leg holes and it covers my entire face.

If you see me at morrisons or sainsburys give me a wave. Maybe this will set a new trend for mask wearing and not cost anyone any more money. 

24 Jul 2020 09:50

The main reason for the five month delay in forcing the face coverings is that in March there was no available stock of masks in the country. Since then the government have bulk ordered £millions of pounds worth of masks from China knowing full well they are cheap and nasty replica's of British Standard products and that they will not offer any form of protection. However having now distributed them  to every Asian owned wholesaler throughout the country they had to make a promise that they would take action to ensure sales. So just Like toilet rolls the Sheeples will have been out buying hundreds of them instead of standing up for their rights and saying no we are not accepting this stupidity in messing with the British legal system. As for the Police they cant respond to real criminal events these days as they now only act as governemt tax collectors from everyday motorists and so have no capability  to enforce this new covid guidance. Just another attempt to destroy local businesses in favor of companies like Amazon. Wake up people before its to late, we are all being played and misslead.

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