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15 Jun 2020 16:33

Formation of six dwellings, garages and associated works - Site of Shell Cove House 19 Old Teignmouth Road Dawlish Devon EX7 0NJ -

19 Jun 2020 17:55

Dawlish Town Council planning committee @18.6.20

PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish South West APPLICATION REF: 20/00805/FUL LOCATION: Site of Shell Cove House 19 Old Teignmouth Road Dawlish Devon EX7 0NJ PROPOSAL: Formation of six dwellings, garages and associated works Comment: RESOLVED unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends REFUSAL of this application due to the following: • The design is not in keeping with the area • Overdevelopment and unsympathetic materials • The lack of a current geological survey • No input from Network Rail – members would like to see consultation feedback • Concerns regarding the proximity to the cliff edge • Lack of detail regarding surface water drainage Further RESOLVED unanimously if the planning officer is minded to approve the application Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee would wish to call the application in to Teignbridge Planning Committee. 

10 Aug 2020 10:56

There is a thread now running on Eyes of Dawlish concerning Shell Cove beach.  If you can access the thread have a read. Seems there is now a dispute brewing over whether or not Shell Cove beach is privately owned like the footpath access to it across Shell Cove House grounds.


If you click on this link you will see that the estate agents refer to a private beach. Is it? If you open that link and then scroll down you will see the various planning applications that have previously been submitted to develop the site.   



12 Aug 2020 06:36

Have you seen what the developer is wishing to build?! OMG! It looks like a prison block.! No wonder the town council said "the design is not in keeping with the area and the materials are unsympathetic".   


I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no beauty in what is being proposed in this particular person's eye.


If you want to see what I am talking about then do this.

1. Click on the link that I've given in my first post above. 

2.Then click on "Documents related to this application are available here".

3. You will then see on the top left hand side a list of 4x3d images of the proposed building. Look to the right and click on "new document" to see what the actual images look like.   

12 Aug 2020 07:27


They are so ugly. I wouldn't want to live in one of those.

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12 Aug 2020 12:12

Check out this link


Would this be the same site? Think so. It hasn't got planning permission yet!

And Bradleys seem to think the site's in Teignmouth.



Also, as I type this (cos of course it might get altered) the developer, Poppy Developments, are advertising the plot as having a private beach.  

13 Aug 2020 11:23

Just checked. Wording now says 'private access to a secluded sandy beach".

Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
13 Aug 2020 23:50

But the footpath through that land has been Closed for a long time and it begs the question why? Did the town council agree to the closure of the footpath? Were the necessary notices advertised? I don't ever remember seeing notice of closure to the footpath. 

14 Aug 2020 05:07

From what I can gather it seems the footpath was never a public one. It was, and is, a private footpath on private land.

What is being disputed is the ownership of Shell Cove. Is it privately owned or not?


This came to a head last weekend when someone from the town accessed the beach via a boat and was told by someone there that the beach was a private one and that they were not allowed to be there. This person then posted that experience on Eyes of Dawlish and that's when the whole thing then kicked off. 


Someone else then acquired information concerning land ownership re the beach. It seems that from low tide to high tide water mark it is Crown land and not privately owned. So the public can use it although difficult to reach except by boat.


That's how I understand the situation to be - we'll see what happens when that gets checked out.


Incidentally, there was talk on the EoD thread of being able to access Shell Cove via a tunnel. "A tunnel?!" thought I "Not the railway tunnel surely?!".


Locals will know more...


Interesting read here


14 Aug 2020 11:15

When I worked for Hiremasters we used to deal with Network Rail, and the access to the beach via the shell cove house site we understood was controlled by the said Network rail. Not once did anyone on the House site question our parking of delivery lorries in the grounds or the Network Rail staff that used to come and collect the equipment from us via the wooden walk way.

15 Aug 2020 14:22

Years ago folk used to fish there at night and access was via the railway tunnel, and there was a time when you could pay to use the footpath to access the cove.

15 Aug 2020 18:16

The good old days.

16 Aug 2020 05:19

Just come across this which concerns a previous proposed development on the site.

If you read the blurb, yet again there is reference to a private beach.


From research done by others who have posted their findings on Eyes of Dawlish it seems that there is a private footpath leading to the beach across Shell Cove House grounds that goes under the railway line to the beach. The area around the railway line is owned by Network Rail. There then seems to an ambiguity concerning ownership of the top part of the beach but the area between mean high tide and mean low tide is Crown owned and a public area. 


click on this link to view Crown owned coastal property in Dawlish area (type in Shell Cove, Dawlish Beach, Devon, England and press the search button)  


15 Sep 2020 08:31

Happened to walk along Old Teignmouth Road the other day. Lots of, what looks like, excavation work being carried out on this site.

Planning permission yet to be granted. 

Dawlish Town Council have requested that this planning application be decided by TDC planning committee members rather than planning officers. 

28 Oct 2020 08:46

This property was put on Bradley's estate agent website two days ago.  It is described as being in Teignmouth.


Take a look for yourselves. If it is sited where I think it is then not only is it in Dawlish but planning permission for it (and others) to be built is yet to be granted.  

and here are some more links advertising those houses that have yet to receive planning permission to be built.



27 Nov 2020 17:11

This is on the agenda at the next Dawlish Town Council's planning committee meeting being held next week (3rd December).


Application Details '20/02145/MAJ'


Documents related to this Application are available here.

You can comment on this application using this form.

Site Of Shell Cove House , 19 Old Teignmouth Road, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0NJ
Dawlish South West
Variation of condition 2 on planning permission 16/00300/MAJ (Demolition of the existing house and cottages and redevelopment to provide 11 cottages and 17 apartments for later living, with a separate summerhouse building, integrated landscaping, access and parking and associated services) to amend design of inland cottages
Major Application
Decision Level:
Delegated Decision
Case officer:
Artur Gugula
Date received:
Date validated:


11 Jan 2021 16:46

Planning application 20/00805/FUL (see first post on this thread) is on TDC's planning committee agenda for meeting to be held 19th Jan.

Planning officer recommendation is for approval subject to conditions.  

12 Feb 2021 09:22

So what was the result? Anyone know? Other planning applications decided at that meeting have had their outcomes showing online for some days now.

As I type this, some 3 weeks after the meeting, there is nothing official from TDC on their planning portal concerning this planning application ( although there is a letter from a neighbour saying that planning permission was granted) and no minutes of the 19th Jan planning meeting are available either. 

In the absence of any official info from TDC does anyone know what happened at the Jan 19th TDC planning committee meeting re this planning application.  Was it approved or not? Was it deferred?

12 Feb 2021 16:27


Still nothing on planning portal BUT minutes of 19.1.21 planning meeting now online which show that the planning application was approved:


 Permission be granted subject to the following conditions

·         Standard time for commencement

·         Accord with plans

·         Construction Management Plan

·         Construction Methodology

·         Provision of visibility splays

·         Lighting Assessment

·         Compliance with Ecology Report including previous recommendations

·         Access strip between Bradenton House and Papillon to not be used

·         Provision of parking

·         Landscape Scheme including biodiversity enhancements

·         Details of boundary treatments

·         Material details

·         Obscure glazing

·         Survey and assessment of surface water system

·         Full details of the design of the proposed permanent surface water drainage management system

·         Details of exceedance paths and overland flows

·         Maintenance Management Plan

·         Method and programme for monitoring of the stability of the cliff

·         Permitted Development rights removed

·         Electric Vehicle readiness

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