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British Transport Police should lie in wait and impound his bike like the normal police do with car drivers under Section 59 make him pay to get it back or after three months send it to a recycling scheme for people that cant afford a bike.

Here it is in print has not been denied by any Consevatives or No 10 still want to back CaMoron. What a despicable, horrible, jumped up, toffee nosed jerk the guy is

20 Jun 2016

Well pointed out there Gary and thats the big difference leave supporters arent freightented of getting blood on their hands and fighting for their country, unlike the lilly livered remainers who just want to sit on the fence and hand everything over to the same people who your forefarthers battled against in two world wars. Show some bloody respect for the thousands who gave their lives and get ...

The cabinet part of the government are backing TTIP the same as they are backing staying in the EU but we all know they will be forced to resign come Friday as their positions will become untenable. It will then be down to the Conservative party to form a new cabinet or call a general election. The one worry not discussed so far is the prospect of mass civil disruption should remain win. This ...

20 Jun 2016

@S Its the other way round for jobs isent it. Havent Boing just announced they will be moving their European HQ to Britain shortly. Rock on Trump for president

20 Jun 2016

Anyone organising a big leave celebration party over the weekend in Dawlish. Think we need a big beer tent and some live music on the Lawn, plus a live video link to Downing street showing Dodgy Dave and Georgy Porgy leaving for Brussels, closely followed by a few coach loads of left wing loonies like Geldof and Corbin. Good luck losers and good ridance. Everyone get their Union Jack flags out ...

19 Jun 2016

With most euro countries heading for bankruptcy or civil war or both. Facing the formation of a fake and weak  joint EU defence force, shared laws, banking and taxation rules. The prospect of millions of Turks and other uncivilised ecconomic migrants invading their countries to destroy their soveriegn, historical and social idividualities. Not to mention that their entire lives will in future be ...

Pre-flight Jitters?
19 Jun 2016

Bit like the Lib Dem tour bus eh Gary

@ MV Why are you still here. I thought we made you sick, you must be pretty ill by now

17 Jun 2016

@ MV glad we make you sick in which case you know what to do, as you have been told to do many times before. Go troll some other forum

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