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The media are to blame for reporting panic buying in other towns/cities, not just in the UK but down under etc, so it is the old adage, Monkey see, Monkey do!

Don't panic. Let's not forget that Boris's 5000 (or was it 50,000) extra nurses will soon sort us out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

They forget (always) to mention about the amount of immigrants (legal & illegal) that have come into the country and putting a strain on our NHS.

Happy Brexit Day
1 Feb 2020

You all seem very happy to be leaving EU, but why do you all go to Europe for your holidays? Hypocrites or what!

31 Jan 2020

@leatash Let's hope so.

31 Jan 2020

Oh yes. We get rid of the tyranny  of the EC and can now look forward to the tyranny and dictatorship of Trump and the Useless States of America. Give me Europe anytime.

Fire Station Closures
17 Jan 2020

You accuse me of "Nothing Sensible to add" yet YOU hold the BBC responsible for Fire Station  closures! WHERE is the sense in that?

17 Jan 2020

Unfortunately the BBC don't fund our firestations, government does. Oops, sorry, musn't say anything about the person you voted for. Maybe you should ask Johnson as to WHY the stations are closing, or even ask your best friend Trump to fund them!

Where do you get your Rose Tinted Glasses Paul? I would love to buy a pair and see the world as you see it where nothing is wrong and that Tw@t Trump is god.

General Soleimani
7 Jan 2020

But Paul aslo says that Global Warming doesn't exist!

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