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05 Aug 2020 12:11

To the Parent(s) of the 10y/o (approx) boy on a BMX on the sea wall last Friday 31/07/20 about 1100hrs.

You need to keep your 'little darling' under control and teach him some manners after he rode past me and my friend then spat on the floor, 50cm behind where my friend was standing.

Teach him some manners and also inform him that (especially) in these days, it is more than just a disgusting habbit but also a possible way of spreading this awful virus. angry

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05 Aug 2020 15:15

Riding on the sea wall says it all. I wouldnt be suprised if its parents and grand parents are just as well brought up.

You have had at least 4 generations of humans brought through the education system now. With a strong bias on the students can do what ever they like and very little, if any consequences, but if a teacher crosses the line they will most probably lose their job and career.

I do not look forward to going into Dawlish or on the sea wall/foot paths anymore because there are so many rude and ignorant people around these days.

I know what I would like to do to some of these people, but that would just bring me down to their level.

Poor old Dawlish   R.I.P

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