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General Discussion

02 Aug 2020 13:56

There is to be an extraordinary meeting of the town council on Monday 3rd August when councillors will discuss alternative proposals to that already put forward by Network Rail. 


Notice of Motion - Alternative Dawlish Seawall proposals – Station section, Colonnade Breakwater to Coastguards Breakwater – to consider whether a list of alternative scheme proposals to the plans submitted by Network Rail is drawn up for general publication, to include also comments regarding the treatment of Coastguards Boathouse (which faces demolition). 



07 Aug 2020 18:03

Further to the Town Council’s Planning Committee’s resolution of 9 July 2020, and following an Extraordinary Meeting of the Dawlish Town Council on 3 August 2020, it was resolved by Members that further comments be submitted in respect of the above applications which are due to be considered by Teignbridge District Council’s Planning Committee on 18 August 2020, namely that:

Network Rail be requested to undertake an archeological survey of the Dawlish Railway Station car park prior to any works commencing;

• Investigate the future / reuse / moving and reconstruction of the coastguard’s boathouse as a heritage asset for the town;

• Dawlish Town Council endorses the response of the Planning Authority’s Conservation Officer dated 13 July 2020 and urges Teignbridge District Council’s Planning Committee to impose the mitigation steps outlined in the response as conditions of approval; and

• Dawlish Town Council endorses the comments made by Historic England dated 8 July 2020 which it was not in receipt of at its Planning Committee meeting on 9 July, in respect of the applications and urges Teignbridge District Council’s Planning Committee to require the applicant to address the concerns listed by providing mitigating measures to reduce the harm to the character and appearance of the conservation area and the significance of the listed station.

07 Aug 2020 21:33

For one, I hope that the planning goes ahead, as the whole seafront from the viaduct eastwards looks an eyesore and is in a disgusting state.


As for the boathouse, last time I saw it, there were holes in the roof and was in a very sad state of repair, so if that is an asset to the town, it doesen't say much about Dawlish itself.

People want to save it for the sake of disrupting future development and not interested in putting money or time to keep it in a good looking state.

We are 20 years into the 21st centuary and Dawlish seems to want to stay in the 19th and not do anything to keep it looking good.

Wake up Dawlish and get with it.

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08 Aug 2020 06:33

The 2 x planning applications from Network Rail concerning the railway station and wall are due to be heard at the next TDC planning committee meeting starting 10.00am on Tuesday 18th August.


As it happens Dawlish has three councillors who sit on that committee. So if anyone has any strong feelings one way or t'other about what is being proposed by Network Rail/what the town council would like to see happen, then suggest you contact one or more of the following:

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