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Carer's Posts

Be out in 3 then easily 'recruit'  more scum into his gang, then terrorise Teignmouth all over again!

3 days ago

Sterilise all the scum to stop them from breeding.

What a shame that they don't come as quick when there is disorder, burglaries, muggings etc.etc.

@DEEDOODLE Now that the Vaccine's are being rolled out, I take it  (hope) that you WONT be having yours, after all, it is a 'Conspiracy'!

Should be executed and burried in unmarked graves. Scum like that is all they deserve, instead of living a life of luxury in prison at OUR expense. Also, now that they have gone, there is a gap so the next lot of filthy scum can move in!

Merry Christmas all and especially to you Webmaster, for keeping this site going.  Thank you.

Creek & Paddle come to mind.

@1263 Oh yes. After all, he has to look after his friends in the North first and after keeping them sweet, there wont be much left for us down here. To the back of the queue again.

@ Epicurus I thought the More On (Moron) guide was very good indeed and brought a smile to my face. The unfortunate thing about it is that it is true. There are  far too many people around who have to be instructed in 'the use of common sense' and always blame someone else for their failures in life. Keep it up.

@Margaret Swift Maybe they have been moved out temporarily  while they have  3x glazing installed.