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Carer's Posts

@DeestupidDoodle Well, thanks to you and people like you, this pandemic is carrying on and on and on. If you are so positively sure that this is a scamdemic, then why not go to a Covid ward and see all the people who like you who think it's a scam, and give them a big kiss and breath in the air that they have exhaled, THEN if you survive, come back and tell us, but until then, stop your ...

Should all be shot. Anti social behaviour as it's scum like that that keep this pandemic (NOT scamdemic) going. Why should us sensible people be subject to further virus and suffer due to mindless idiots who refuse to accept the truth?

31 Oct 2021

Should be BANNED!!!!!

COVID Boosters
25 Oct 2021

Got mine booked and looking forward to having it.

Orchard Manor School
20 Oct 2021

No thanks. I was offered a job there 15 years ago and when you saw what the teachers had to put up with, including the violence from the 'darling children', then the teachers should be paid danger money. All this didn't happen years ago because of the deterant of the cane so children respected teachers, police, parents and others but there is NO deterrent now, hence all the violence, stabbings, ...

@DD Not forgetting the graffiti artists.

What about us being slaves to the Romans? Or doesn't that matter? Also in the middle ages when us slaves were referred to as 'Serf's? Or doesn't that matter? Yes people, Us British have been slaves in history but we don't harp on about it!!!!!

Best this, Best that. They missed out the Best Covid Spreader!!!!!

Gays creamery
25 Jul 2021

@ Burnside You are a covidiot, and as I described above, being in the group  of the Irresponsible, disrespectful and SELFISH people on this planet. WHAT exactly is your problem with NOT accepting this pandemic and NOT wanting to wear a mask and AGAINST vaccination, and against people who DO abide and still wear masks? Is it too difficult for you to actually put one on and can't manage to ...

25 Jul 2021

It's funny that all you covidiots objecting to wearing masks, WHY it is such a chore to do so? If you went for a job where you were asked to wear hi viz jacket, hard hat, hair net, steel toe cap boots, etc etc, whould you refuse then? Ok, a face mask is oh so heavy and it could cause neck/spinal damage through the extra weight you are carrying around. EDIT. It just goes to show how ...