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I take it then that if Mr Mullone was our MP, he would not go to Westminster and run his constintuancy from his front room and not make his voice heard?

Voting online
2 days ago

Voting online is so open to corruption. I too have postal voting due to my mobility issues but I would prefer to vote 'in person' at a polling station, otherwise it takes away the excitement and the personal service. IMO, far too may things are being done online now, doing away with the personal contact and interaction with other people.

What a joke of a photo on the mid devon newspaper.

Well done to the RNLI crews for rescuing idiots.

The council should hang their heads in shame. A disgrace for sure.

What a shame that we have to rely on this in the 21st century.

Great idea.

Yawn. This story has been knocking around for a few years now.

***It's St. Georges' Day*** Happy Saint Georges' Day everyone.

Wishing him well.