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Carer's Posts

Sounds like normal day to day running of Ryanair!

The sea wall
1 week ago

Not long until the irresponsible dog owners let their little sh*t machines leave a mess on it.

@ FredBasset I for one, hope that I NEVER meet you face to face. It's people like you (I am not allowed to tell you exactly what I really think of you) that have helped spread this awful virus, and keep it going in the future.

3 weeks ago

@leatash Face Masks.

Unfortunately, now that the lockdown has eased (officially), all the idiots believe that there is nothing to worry about and the virus has gone away. SHOCK HORROR. It will be back very soon to a neighbourhood near you but even worse than before.

Well said the Cornish. It's the only language these virus spreading selfish inconsiderate pig ignorant idiots understand. Unfortunately we are in the 'Profit before peoples lives' era.

They're back, with Arcadia joining them and HMS Albion passing by, as at 0945 hrs, 04/07/2020. Ref:-

3 Jul 2020

@leatash . I know. I was being sarcastic as someone above was under the impression that they were full of passengers.

2 Jul 2020

According to AIS, they have both gone now. Wow, 8000 passengers spending nearly 2 weeks in Torbay spending all that money.

@ Leatash " we need to fly the flag especially now," Why? I thought that all you brexiteers said that countries were queueing up to do trade with us as soon as we left the EU so there should be no need to fly the flag! WLM