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Carer's Posts

You accuse me of "Nothing Sensible to add" yet YOU hold the BBC responsible for Fire Station  closures! WHERE is the sense in that?

1½ weeks ago

Unfortunately the BBC don't fund our firestations, government does. Oops, sorry, musn't say anything about the person you voted for. Maybe you should ask Johnson as to WHY the stations are closing, or even ask your best friend Trump to fund them!

@wondering . It will never happen as we don't live up North, where all the money is going.

@ FredBasset As for the incompetents at Teignbridge, you lot voted them in so why are you complaining?

No matter how much of a warning they give, you will still see idiots running along the sea wall (in any seaside town) playing at dodging the waves.

Where do you get your Rose Tinted Glasses Paul? I would love to buy a pair and see the world as you see it where nothing is wrong and that Tw@t Trump is god.

General Soleimani
2 weeks ago

But Paul aslo says that Global Warming doesn't exist!

Not sure about Aldi, but Lidl are supposed to be opening sometime in February in the old Waitrose store.

General Soleimani
2 weeks ago

The world is now an even more dangerous place due to Trumps attack.

Yawn! Whoever it will be, they will just sit on the fence as usual.