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How will the local infrastructure cope with all these extra houses and people? How will the surgery cope? It's bad enough getting an appointment now so what will it be like in the future, and how long will it take to get a prescription processed? Long waits ahead for sure.

Getting signed out
3 weeks ago

Thanks webmaster for keeping us informed. I realised something must have been wrong a few days back and it's still happening. Mind you, there are worse things to worry about that having to sign in again.

Post Office
10 Nov 2023

That is just ridiculous. A town with no banks and soon, no Post Office.

A bit late I think!!!

@Kung Fu Panda . Thanks for posting these pics. Well done.

Well done for carrying on.

Dawlish History
3 Aug 2023

@ZIGGY What is the date please?

Teresa May vote
8 Jul 2023

@Minnie1 Who? I thought that Sir Keir Starmer was leader of the Labour Party, or have I missed something?

The country is going backwards. Try getting information from a call centre. You could die of boredom before you speak to someone.

22 May 2023

@HuwMatthews2 Thanks for the heads up (or down) on that. We eventually went to Forest Fungi on the way to the Warren. Superb food that you could actually taste. I had the full english, and my friends had the eggs benedict and the eggs royal. Well worth a try if you haven't yet tried it.

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