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Have to declare an interest here. I am a bus user. Not that often I have to admit but I have been known to use the number 2 to get up to, and back from, Exeter.  I stopped using it to get back and forth from Newton Abbot as its detour around the houses in Kingsteignton for what seemingly felt like hours (but probably 20 mins or so) drove me nuts!  I appreciate the residents of Kingsteignton need a ...

Thank you. Realise now why I missed this. It was only agreed at today's TDC full council meeeting. Usually I am on the ball when it comes to council agendas but missed this one!

1½ weeks ago

Thanks Linda. Any chance you could explain for the benefit of readers of this site why TDC funds the Teignmouth Play park but (seemingly?) not the proposed new one at the Manor.

1½ weeks ago

@Duckileaks - can you tell us where you've got that info from please? Not saying it isn't true just wondering from where the news has emanated.  Just tried several online searches using various words etc but can find nothing including nothing on TDC press release page. Thanks.

To see street plan and types of houses etc click on this link

and this is what DTC's planning committee had to say: Resolved unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends Refusal of this application for the following reasons: ·        It is overdevelopment of the site - the layout is still poor; four houses are still too many and they are positioned too close to existing properties ·        Road safety ...

This by election will take place on Thursday 20th January to fill the vacancy caused by the passing of Cllr Terry Lowther. There are two candidates: Rachel Hardy - Lib Dems Mike Stubbs - Conservative

Click on link and scroll down.

A synopsis of DCC (Devon County Council) Highways dept's. requirements; Transport Bus Service - bus stops along the link road for (presumably) the number 2 bus. Cars - the development will require the provision of two car club vehicles at a cost of £30,000 each (includes start up costs). A car parking space will also be required for the car club vehicles. More car share spaces are ...

Re the numbers 2 and 2b bus routes. If they were to stick to their present routes but at the Sainsbury roundabout go down one way along the link road, turn around at the Gatehouse end and then go back up again on the opposite side of the road to get back to the Sainsbury roundabout, that would be one way of keeping the present route as tis but adding in the link road. Mind you, this detour ...

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