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1½ weeks ago

There is a small team of Town Councillors who each have access to a sand-bag store in Dawlish, which is provided by Teignbridge District Council for such emergencies. If anyone should need them, please call Teignbridge in the first instance on 01626 361101 or out of hours 01395 516854.

Noon Roberts Property Consultants 4 Northleigh House, Thorverton Road Matford Business Park Exeter, Devon EX2 8HF 01392 691007 07831 273148

Almost a year later and this issue seems to have gone very quiet.

at the Dawlish Town Council meeting held 2.9.20 County Cllr John Clatworthy reported that: "Draft Agreements still need to be completed in connection with the Link Road so until they are exchanged a date cannot be given when the planning application for the road will be submitted to Teignbridge District Council."

lobotomy dems
2 weeks ago

On the subject of house building numbers. This is from the December 2019 Conservative party general election manifesto: " we will continue our progress towards our target of 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s. This will see us build at least a million more homes, of all tenures, over the next Parliament ".

Planning permission has been granted.

Saw an interview with the editor of the Lancet yesterday. And Jonathan Van Tam on tv this morning. Both saying more or less the same thing. Seems it is young people who are spreading the disease now but not only amongst themselves. For when they go home they then spread it to other, older, members of their families. I think it was Matt Hancock who recently used the phrase "Don't kill your ...

That the man has been arrested shows that he is not above the law.

lobotomy dems
2 weeks ago

So.......given as I didn't know I did what anyone with access to the internet can do - I emailed TDC and asked them. Am told that the increase was in the April 2019 budget (when TDC was controlled by the Conservatives). The Lib Dems inherited this budget when they took over control of the council in May 2019. So...... t'was Conservatives that introduced the £35 charge in the first place ...

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