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Today I received an online advert urging me to vote Conservative because that way climate change will be addressed. (!!!) Bear in mind that Boris Johnson couldn't be bothered to turn up to Channel 4s Climate Change debate and that locally the Conservative candidate is following suit by withdrawing from the Climate Change Question Time being held in Newton Abbot this coming Thursday.  (see very ...

DAWLISH CELEBRATES CARNIVAL COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENT Dawlish Celebrates Carnival held its latest committee meeting on Monday 18 November 2019. This was the fourth year that virtually the same committee members had put on a carnival week for the town. 2019 saw costs rise, but despite appalling weather on Parade Day, we managed to continue the programme and regardless of the rain, we ...

Application Details '19/02091/FUL' Documents related to this Application are available here. You can comment on this application using this form. Reference: 19/02091/FUL Address: M And D Tool Hire , Exeter Road, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0LX Parish: Dawlish Ward: Dawlish North East Proposal: Change of use from tool hire business (Use Class B1) to ...

Use this link for how to ask the candidates a question

2 weeks ago

The Climate Change Question Time is being organised by Action on Climate in Teignbridge (ACT). I have just looked at their website and see that the Conservative Candidate has withdrawn from attending. Newton Abbot Megan Debenham (Green Party) Accepted David Halpin (Independent) Declined Anne Marie Morris (Conservatives) Withdrawn James Osben (Labour) ...

2 weeks ago

So Boris Johnson should turn up despite that then. He could always refer to the above incidences.

The point is Leatash that it could be decided legally that the government has to compensated the WASPI women. Therefore it should be fiscal sense for whoever it is who forms the government to put money aside - just in case.

Channel 4 are holding the world’s first TV climate & nature election debate this Thursday (28th November) at 7pm. Although Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and the Greens are confirmed, @ the date and time of this posting, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson still isn’t on board

And still the fact remains that Jeremy Corbyn believes the WASPI women should be recompensed and Boris Johnson does not.

2 weeks ago

I'd never heard of Liberty Defenders until Leatash posted that link. So for those who might like to know more about them click on this

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