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I asked the webmaster publicly on this thread to adjudicate. Thank you webmaster for doing so.

today at 04:54

It's not me that's putting in such an effort though is it?  I am not the one that has started various threads over the past few weeks all on  on a pro SDA anti Lib Dem theme and with so many of your posts being oh sooh so very l-o-n-g. Seems to me that it is you who doesn't like reading different perspectives. Report me about what exactly? @webmaster can you tell me please what I am ...

yesterday at 20:12

Ah! So you admit it at last. What you are totally about is being anti the Lib Dem candidate. Nothing to do at all as to which party (Lib Dems or Labour ) has the best chance of beating the Conservative candidate.

I'm perfectly fine thank you.

But I bet you'll post any that advocate voting Labour rather than Lib Dem.

So if you had already read it online via a search why bother asking me for a link? You could have provided it yourself.

So if you believe  these polls are  flawed  why are you posting their recommendations?

and the same goes for the Labour Party. (ie the Labour Party does not regard Newton Abbot as a key seat to contest).

You've received a flyer from the conservatives?? I haven't. The only party I've received anything from is the Lib Dems (and before anyone says that's because they believe I am a supporter I would just say that I watched the  person delivering go all along the street.). Suspect many Labour activists are in Exeter or Plymouth. You'll need to scroll down the page to where it is headed "11 non-battleground seats now dubbed battleground areas".