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Seems there has been a bit of confusion (courtesy of Devon County Council) of just what it is exactly that the town council is seeking to have happen on The Strand in terms of parking restrictions. Click on this link to see press release issued by Dawlish Town Council

yesterday at 11:23

They've now been 'rehomed'.

Thursday 23rd July 1-4( sellers from 12 noon).  £7 per car selling/ £11 per van or trade.

so......we have to wear face masks when we go into shops but not if we go into pubs and restaurants. Indeed, we are positively being encouraged to eat out by way of the £10 discount presently being offered.  "Eat out to help out" is the mantra. And the logic is? If we need to wear face masks in shops and on public transport then surely we need to wear face masks in all other enclosed ...

2 days ago

I wonder if the reason we are now being told to wear masks now as opposed to some few weeks back is because of the very simple reason that more masks are available now. Not so very long ago they were like gold dust. Would have been a bit nonsensical (although nothing new about that though) for the gov. to tell people to wear masks when quite simply demand would have far exceeded supply and ...

Near where I live I've seen garden trees cut down. As we all know we live in a hilly part of the country. So we have lots of dwellings that are sited on hills.  The removal of garden trees can thus lead to an invasion of privacy for those dwellings located further down the hill but especially for those whose back gardens abut those of their tree felling, higher sited, neighbours. Not only that, ...

Well, those who don't use the internet had better hurry up and go out to the shops and buy facemasks as come July 24th we will all have to wear a mask when going into a shop. I'm wondering  to myself how can you buy a mask in a shop post July 24th if you haven't got a mask to wear so that you can go into a shop to buy a mask? According to this newspaper report, shop staff won't be expected ...

2 days ago

Am having a clear out. Have got lots of cassettes. I know they are an '80s thing and people now have cds but...........anyone know of anywhere that might want music via cassettes?

People who aren't using facemasks are just using their good old British cummins sense ie they'll do what they want irrespective of what the rules say they should do.