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And I fear that you will also end up talking to yourself on this site. Has anyone else engaged with you other than me? Having ventured forth I may well now disengage. I actually don't give a toss as to how the child care crisis is resolved - as long as it is.  I hope I am not a zealot of ideology. Whatever works the best in practice is my approach. And I appreciate that you read my ...

2 weeks ago

I have no idea of the political slant of the MDA. Suggest you contact them directly if you wish to complain - why not write a letter of complaint and see if they publish it? BTW - I am 99.9% certain now of your party political stance. Can't prove it of course but you have given yourself(ves) away by dint of the contents of your posts.  (Which, of course, you are perfectly entitled to ...

2 weeks ago

I'm just curious to know how many Labour cllrs there are in the parliamentary constituency of Newton Abbot. I know there are none on Teignbridge District Council but wondered if anyone could tell me if there are any on town/parish councils within this particular parliamentary seat and if so, how many and on which town/parish councils? Thanks

Ladies Toilet Closure
2 weeks ago

So I've now had some time to find out more about this changing places facility. Seems it is a toilet facility specifically aimed at those who are dependent on others for help with their toiletting Also,as I write this, I do not know how TDC is financing this installation but from research it seems that central government has a pot of money that it is asking councils to bid for specifically in ...

2 weeks ago

Lots of councils across the country are short of money - Conservative controlled Devon County Council being one of them. The councils are short of money for a variety of reasons - a huge drop in funding from central government since 2010, an increase in demand for the services that local government addresses (eg social services, special needs education, homelessness) and inflation.

And the cost per resident per week is?

On Tuesday 6 February, Luke Pollard MP will lead a debate in Parliament on nursery provision in South West England. To inform the debate, he would like to hear about your experiences of accessing childcare. He may quote your contribution directly during his debate. Find out more and share your experiences with him by midday on Monday 5 February: Nursery provision in South West England

Yes, it's the bridge that will go over Shutterton Brook so that the new road twixt Gatehouse Farm and Sainsbury's is er.....linked up. This was/is the road that was identified as needing to be built back in 2014. It's only taken ten years!

This letter is in the most recent edition of the Dawlish Gazette. " I have been following the erosion of the dunes and the movement of the beach at Dawlish Warren since about 2005-2006.  Commenting through two local plans, the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2) and the Exe Estuary Partnership.  In my opinion the long term future of this location is currently not looking good. ...

er........all this money that the developers are spending. Would that be out of the goodness of their hearts or because they have to make such financial contributions as a condition of their being able to make a profit from developing this land?