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and I have also been known to use foodstuffs after their BBE date. However, as I am sure as I can be that I will not have any use for the three items I have listed anytime between now and, say, the end of Feb 2020 I am looking to find a new home for them. It sticks in my craw however to put food stuffs in the food collection bin that are close to their BBE date. That said, if someone from ...

19 Dec 2019

To say I hate wasting food is to understate. So it would grieve me beyond all bounds to throw away food that someone else might be very grateful for. Going through my cupboards I came across the following unopened items which I know will not be used by the end of this month. Bottle of olive oil Container of powdered milk Sachet of Spag Bog mix Not much I know but my ...

Just a reminder.

6 Dec 2019

If you wish to submit a question this must be done before the event via  this email address: Deadline for receipt of questions is midnight Sunday 8th December.

Calling Boris Johnson! Calling Boris Johnson! Andrew Neil has some questions he would like to ask you including your promises concerning the NHS. Click here to find out what those questions are

6 Dec 2019

So if the reasons are more money and less hours then those with control over the NHS (the government)  are being told something, don't you think? As far as I am aware those with student loans still have to repay them even if they no longer live in this country. If you do an online search using words like, NHS Nursing Shortage, you will find lots of links with articles giving various ...

5 Dec 2019

So ask yourself this then. Why are those UK trained nurses so eager to leave the UK? Is Australia short of nurses? (It would seem so). Australia is seemingly doing to the UK the same as the UK does to other countries. .

5 Dec 2019

I've just read the articles in those two links. I may have misread them but it seems to me that the first is concerned with the migration of trained nurses from developing countries (eg Jamaica) to developed ones (eg the UK) and the second concerns Irish (as in Republic of Ireland) trained nurses and the possibilty of their being targetted to emigrate to work in the UK. There is certainly a ...

5 Dec 2019

Ah yes! that 'new' nurses number .............another of Boris's porkies?. Piers Morgan tears into Conservative minister Nicky Morgan on GMB over Boris Johnson's 'nonsense' pledge for 50,000 more NHS nurses as it is revealed 18,500 will be retained from EXISTING staff ...

5 Dec 2019

and it seems there's also a shortage of dentists Dental crisis is worse in Devon and Cornwall than anywhere in England