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19 Jun 2024 13:00

The LP has recently updated its list of its target seats in the light of the rising in the polls of Reform UK.

This constituency does not feature in that update.  


@Lynne can you please provide a link to that list?

19 Jun 2024 13:29


You'll need to scroll down the page to where it is headed "11 non-battleground seats now dubbed battleground areas".

@Lynne Thank you, already read it online via a search. Always best to provide a source though in the first instance.

The list was published on the 7th June, only 3 days after Farage announced he was standing in the election and returning as Reform Uk Leader. That's too short a time frame for any polls to take that into account. So Labour may now view our Consituency and many others differently since Reform UK will contest Tory seats for the first time. That's what Newton Abbot Primary's Ian Shields has also suggested when I emailed yesterday, he is awaiting clarification from labour. either way, NAP have Labour as the main challenger to Morris, not Wrigley.


But yes it seems this Constituency is neither a Lib Dem nor a Labour priority.

I'm all for advocating transparency and openness in the spirit of public service and raising awareness. It's so important that people are as well informed as possible before casting their votes.

19 Jun 2024 18:30

So if you had already read it online via a search why bother asking me for a link? You could have provided it yourself.

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@Lynne I'd found it and was reading it after I'd read your post. Then when I looked at again i saw you'd added it as I'd requested.

Are you okay?

19 Jun 2024 20:06

I'm perfectly fine thank you.


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