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25 Jun 2024 05:55

This is from his (LM) facebook page - the person  to whom  he is referring is Nigel Farage.


Liam Mullone SDA make me your MP
Well I can promise I would NEVER charge people money to watch me talk bollocks. I believe the bollocks I talk to be a human right and necessity.


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To the thousands of people on, here's the You Tube link to make it easier for you. And the text from Facebook for context;


"Today someone I like said I should make a short film so the electorate knows me better, and someone I don't like repeated the slur that I am a posh tw*t, and someone else I don't like said actually I am not posh but a 'yobbo'. whatever that might mean. Actually I was once a gravedigger so hopefully that puts me between those extremes..."



This was filmed 11 years ago in London. I'd seen it months ago. There's no reference to Farage or his rally yesterday either on the video (I mean that would be foretelling the future wouldn't it) or on Facebook.

25 Jun 2024 10:30

Would suggest you have pushed the self destruction button releasing this video in that nobody wants to hear blue language coming from  a candidate nor references to porn or other lewd practises. The motives of the person you like who encouraged you to release this should be examined as never seen such a complete hachett job. 

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@1263 Well the SDA candidate Liam Mullone has sworn in Council chambers in disgust and I guess outrage at the corruption he and the SDA have encountered and exposed relating to the Lib Dems and Tories. This is common knowledge. He is also neurodivergent and been open about his autism and the swearing. I personally would rather be represented by a human being who is shocked and disgusted at corruption and utters the odd f-bomb than a 'politician' who sees no problem with distorting democracy to feather their own caps or those of a minority. I've attended District Council meetings and been angered at what I've seen as well as read about in the press, etc and blue language seems a natural and perfectly understandable and human reaction.

Swearing is commonplace these days, no doubt the SDA candidate won't appeal to certain people in society such as Christians and perhaps some elederly folk, having said that I've heard some old ladies swear like troopers.

Ths video is nothing to do with the SDA's election campaign, it was released for London Is Funny as Liam Mullone is a comedian. However he has used it on his Facebook page during this election campaign and he clearly doesn't care about the swearing, hence this sign, which I've posted before.

LMullone Election campaign

I didn't make refernce to it in the first place, I just posted the You Tube link so it made more sense and easier for people to see. I'm all for transparency.

Not everyone has a problem with hearing blue language, lewd references, etc, However if anyone really, deeply, genuinely objects to the odd swear word above and beyond real issues like corruption and malfeasance in public office, then I suggest you vote Lib Dem or Tory. That's your choice, and no I haven't self-destructed.

Liam Mullone never claimed to be another career politician, and maybe the 'sweary' vote is larger than you think.

@1263 If you want it removed just ask.

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Okay, this was what the OP referred to on Liam Mullone's FB page, not the video. Haha how was anyone to know?

And the comment about charging people to talk b******ks is below this on his FB page,

Still if you don't like swearing address the OP who included that quote in the first instance before or in addition to the video I gave the link for.

And if swearing bothers you far more than corruption then perhaps reassess your priorities in life and whether you should actually cast a vote at all.

In reference to the FB post I agree- Reform UK is a Doomsday Cult for Tories. But then the SDA isn't likely to attrract hardcore Reform supporters like those amassed together at Trago last night.


Screenshot 2024 06 25 at 16 47 09 Liam Mullone SDA make me y

25 Jun 2024 16:22

@TRB  I dont need any platitudes from you about if i should vote at all regarding swearing or corruption. I have heard swearing all my life and in the proper setting dont get uptight about it , however if you think that a potty mouth and so called comedian ? ( assuming his comments were meant to be funny )is up to you but you certainly have lost my vote. The point you are missing in this election video for SDA is STANDARDs !!!  Good luck if you think this so called election comedy sessions with alledged jokes is the standard that sums up SDA.

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"however if you think that a potty mouth and so called comedian ? ( assuming his comments were meant to be funny )is up to you but you certainly have lost my vote"


Think what? That didn't make sense.


I don't know if the swearing will win disaffected, disenfranchised voters who rightly might refer to politics as an 'effing joke' (and swear themselves) or put others off. Some would say it's a risky strategy, others might say it's refreshing, a break from the tired, broken norm and Liam Mullone has never claimed to be all things to all people (unlike most mainstream 'politicians').

I'd probaly revert to swearing if my colleagues were consistently marginalized (with video footage of Council meetings censored without any explanantion),  subjected to smear campaigns and I'd been assualted by a Lib Dem Cllr for speaking the truth.

I have provided links to SDA websites, FB pages, etc throughout. Had you shown some curiosity and interest in who was standing to represent you and the entire Constituency in which you live,  you could've done your own research and easily found the sweary content yourself and weighed that up against what he and the SDA stand for.

It's also on that sign above which I also shared previously. 'He's autistic he swears at least he ****ing cares'.

It is the 'at least he... cares' bit that grabs my attention. Because Morris and Wrigley certainly don't. I couldn't care less about sweary content linked to autism. That'd be discriminatory.

I'd hope he attracts votes from autistic people and parents of autistic children and the wider neurodivergent community and their neurotypical allies. Politics should be inclusive and open to people of all backgrounds.

The day he announced he was standing he referred to the swearing and autsim, because it was commonly known by all involved in local politics and members of the public who take an interest in who makes decisions on our behalf and decides how our taxes are spent , etc. A democracy can only function properly with an informed citizenry. It's not my problem that most people are clueless about what happens in local government and who stand in general elections, and are passive, apathetic and disinterested, etc about who is in power.

The SDA made a choice in electing Liam Mullone as their candidate fully aware of all of the above, most likely to shake things up.


I haven't lost anyone's vote as I'm not standing. Do you own research, nobody has been misled.

And if you have an issue with the SDA candidate's blue language why not contact him directly or their leader Cllr Richard Daws? I've provided relevant contact info on different threads or you could use a search engine if you so wished.

I didn't create the video, so direct your anger about it to the appropriate person.

I only posted it because I thought that was what the OP was referring to, as explained.


Once again. If you want it removed just ask.

If you don't then fine, I'm all for transparency and without it much of this thread wouldn't make sense now.

Your call, you're the one who is so appalled.


The state of local politics is no 'comedy session'. I don't find corruption, attempts to smear and silence criticism by the elected opposition and dictatorial governance in general a laughing matter.

If you want to argue 'standards' in relation to any othe party go ahead. Why not begin with Wrigley and Ed Davey for the Lib dems or Morris and the Tories. Try Starmer and Labour too.


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