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Well,  no-one saw that coming - did they?

My experience is that the powers that be are not interested in how the site is accessed, that seems to fall outside their remit. All they are worried about is how the site itself is configured to allow for traffic on site only.

This might be naive of me, but couldn't the local council tell all the developers concerned that unless they get their act together so that the road is joined up satisfactorily, they will not adopt the road or take on any responsibility for the maintenance thereof?

17 Mar 2022

It's a foregone conclusion

Without boring anyone further, I always try to avoid causing an obstruction on the highway, others seem able to do that for me quite successfully!

9 Mar 2022

@Daverc : My understanding is that anyone can park on the road, whether it be outside their own home or not, as long as there are no yellow lines & they are not blocking access to anyone else's property. Maybe someone else knows different?

8 Mar 2022

@Daverc : Which part of the post do you disagree with?

7 Mar 2022

Probably the same problems as experienced by people on other side of town with building contractors trying to access sites. Last Friday lorry driver delivering to Longlands site by way of Lower Meadow Rise complained about people parking on road making it difficult for him. Um, these people actually live here & so entitled to park in their own street!

Unfortunately, these companies have endless money to spend on appeals.while councils have only taxpayers' money. Something is very wrong with the system.

Single storey houses don't make enough profit for the developer!