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15 Dec 2021 07:08

Very recently a planning application to build four houses in the garden of 23 Badlake Hill was rejected because it would be overdevelopment of the site and would create loss of privacy to house nos 1-6 Church View, Weech Road. See

Another planning application has now been submitted, again for four houses, which claims to address and resolve the issues quoted above. See below for details.


Documents related to this Application are available here.

You can comment on this application using this form.

23 Badlake Hill, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9BA
Dawlish South West
Four dwellings
Full Planning Application


15 Dec 2021 17:49

It still does nothing to address the highways problem which has been well-known and acknowledged by our council for about 50 years. There are people who are afraid to let their children walk to school on their own down Badlake Hill because of the situation with heavy goods lorries passing within inches on a road with no pavements in places and narrow access at the bottom of the hill. Sometimes you are squeezed into the wall by the Swan. The other evening I walked down and was nearly clipped by the wing mirror of a van. There have been a few minor injuries, accidents narrowly averted, and I am sure that before long there will be something more serious that will take place. There is a need for a proper overall plan as the existing roads are not fit for more traffic and therefore not fit for any more development.

15 Dec 2021 19:00

Thing is, thing is, that Devon County Council Highways department don't see that the extra traffic generated by another 4 houses in the vicinity would cause any extra problems. Highway and traffic issues were not a reason why planning permission was refused for the previous application.

If DCC Highways department don't think there will be any problem then what locals think is, and let's be honest about this, irrelevant.  

15 Dec 2021 20:57

Oh, so the fact that cars and lorries regularly drive on the pavement past peoples' front doors to pass each other on the hill is not a concern to them then. One day we will get someone to monitor the air quality on the hill, especially when we have been subjected to lorries reversing up to access the building site.

16 Dec 2021 07:03

For what it is worth it seems that the town councillors who sit on Dawlish Town Council's planning committee agree with you. When the first application was submitted earlier this year, to build four houses on this site, DTC's planning committee recommended refusal. Amongst the reasons they put forward were these: 

"Road safety concerns due to additional pressure on the existing constrained road layout. There would be poor visibility and safety concerns for pedestrians due to limited pavement if traffic were to increase. There is already an issue with pollution due to building works in the area so further development would compound it". 




30 Dec 2021 17:39

This planning application is on the agenda for this coming Thursday's (6th Jan 2022) Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee meeting.

11 Jan 2022 12:18

and this is what DTC's planning committee had to say:


Resolved unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends Refusal of this application for the following reasons:

·        It is overdevelopment of the site - the layout is still poor; four houses are still too many and they are positioned too close to existing properties

·        Road safety concerns due to vehicle and pedestrian constraints, increasing additional pressure on the existing constrained road layout. There would continue to be poor visibility and safety concerns for pedestrians due to limited pavement if traffic were to increase.  Pedestrian safety on the proposed road junction with Badlake Hill would compromise safety

·        There is already an issue with pollution due to building works in the area so further development would compound it

·        Absence of a biodiversity report with provisions

·        Lack of a specified drainage engineering plan and construction management plan

·        The negative impact on residents and nearby listed buildings


It was further unanimously Resolved to request that the item goes to Teignbridge Planning Committee should the officer be minded to approve.




3 Agrees
11 May 2022 13:45

This planning app is on the agenda at TDC Planning Committee meeting due to be held Tuesday 17th May.

Officer recommendation is for approval.

Ward councillors are Cllr John Petherick and Cllr Gary Taylor.

18 May 2022 11:35

Cllr John Petherick called for deferment of decision to allow a site visit to take place.

This was Agreed (10 in favour, 1 against). 

09 Jun 2022 14:54

On the agenda at the next TDC planning committee meeting being held 14th June.

17 Jun 2022 11:11
17 Jun 2022 16:52

Well,  no-one saw that coming - did they?

17 Jun 2022 17:49

Just been listening to the podcast.

Cllr John Petherick spoke against the planning application on highway safety grounds. He proposed a refusal but this was not seconded.

The vote to grant planning consent was as follows:

For - 8

Against - 3

Absentions - 2

I would also point out that at the last planning committee meeting Cllr John Petherick requested a site visit by planning committee members.

He was the only one who turned up. 

17 Jun 2022 20:53

Cllr. Petherick has been the only one who has ever showed any interest in the issues raised by these planning applications. The other members of the planning committee have been useless.

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