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Redrow Development, Dawlish - Appeal back in 2013 cost TDC £300,000

17 Feb 2022 09:54

All will be aware of the Redrow development by Sainsbury's. Not all will be aware that back in 2013, TDC planning committee refused planning permission for this site to be developed. Redrow Appealed this decision and the Planning Inspector found in Redrow's favour.


I've just been watching a video of the very latest TDC planning committee meeting held earlier this week. During the proceedings one of the councillors pointed out that Redrow winning its Appeal in 2013 had cost TDC £300,000. 

That's £300,000 of our money that then couldn't be spent on other things needed in the district.


3 Agrees
17 Feb 2022 14:59

Unfortunately, these companies have endless money to spend on appeals.while councils have only taxpayers' money. Something is very wrong with the system. 

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