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Dawlish News

If he does not like it here he should go back home.

18 Nov 2013

Its disgusting certain people are here to complain

Uneducated ...brain dead!

Maybe its time to end the Dawlish Carnival once and for all seems to cause people a lot of stress with finance and finding people to organise it.

You can see then that Teignmouth will get the people, all located between the beach and shops. Why Dawlish does not make more use of the Lawn I will never know, but then I have never felt they really want visitors ..but they do want their money!

The new generation dont think they will ever get old ,,,,they have a shock coming to them! Many have no thought or respect for anyone!

Gather the new departure area at the destination of HS2 will be so big that it will take 20 minutes to exit it...hmm now thats food for thought. Better to spend the money on re opening some closed lines.  Work on Tavistock line is fue to start...if only they could link Okehampton there would be an alternative route if the cliffs fall or sea stops services.

They can close it for two weeks and life WILL continue. So why not keep it like that that not what the majority of people voted for be it slim.  Its great to walk around Newton Abbot shopping areas and other towns without having to watch out for boy racers.. You dont see a car in Exeter Hight Street or the new shopping centre, I dont know why Dawlish is so obsessed with cars.

Agree Fred. Pink is acceptable in Suffolk fact it is expected... so why not in Devon?.

Good are far to serious!

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