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Bridge players
23 Sep 2008

Hi William. The Dawlish Bridge Club meets at the Manor House every Wednesday between 2pm and 5pm. Telephone 888281 and ask for Derrick Willey.

It's shame that you're unwilling to attend this public meeting, Viaduct. You're going to be missing democracy in action, public consultation and public debate that involves real people. Never mind, eh. Anyways, I'm looking forward to it - is anyone else here going to be attending?

22 Sep 2008

Miscreant? You'll be using the word malfeascence next. I'll bid you a warm welcome to Dawlish Live - however for everyone's sake, I hope you don't intend to continue where you've started with your "first" post... Are you going to be attending this meeting?

22 Sep 2008

Anyone from here going to the Police Meeting on Wednesday evening? I hope so as it would be great to put a face to a name. You'll recognise me no problem, as I'll be the devilishly handsome one... It's taking place at St Mary's Church Hall, Dawlish Warren starting at 6.30pm, see you there. :-)

In light of postings by other correspondents on here in the last 24 hours, shouldn't this repetitive SPAM be posted on the Notices forum? My opinion is that it should be, what do others think?

Good point ZIGGY. I'll post news on there and if I have an opinion on it or think that others might have an opinion on it, only then shall I post it here as well. Cheers. :-)

Yes please Don. After reading so much guff on here, I'd be interested in reading some facts about this. Looking forward to finding out what your acquaintances have to say.

I was sharing news with fellow forum members, "Ann", that I thought might be of interest to them. However I take on board what you are saying and will be vigilant in ensuring that all postings contain an opinion. PS Welcome to Dawlish Live. Ahem. PPS Opinions are like arseholes; everyone's got one.

There's no need to be abusive Dullish Roy. You posed the question "is this an indicator..." I asked "in what way?" I can't see an answer to my question in this thread. Like I've already said, I truly don't know whether to think that this is a good idea or a bad idea. To assist me, could you please answer my question and also the point raised by Ziggy re. the revise planning application? Thank ...

Well done Kay. Good news for her and good news for Dawlish. Thanks for sharing this with us Dullish Roy.

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