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Bridge players

23 Sep 2008 09:13

Can anyone tell me if there are any Bridge Clubs in Dawlish or even people interested in getting together to play Bridge say on a weekly basis ?

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
23 Sep 2008 09:47

Hi William.

The Dawlish Bridge Club meets at the Manor House every Wednesday between 2pm and 5pm. Telephone 888281 and ask for Derrick Willey.

23 Sep 2008 10:01

Many thanks - what a propmpt and helpful reply

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
23 Sep 2008 10:12

Further to Joey's reply, there are also two duplicate bridge clubs in Teignmouth and one in Shaldon.

Teignmouth Bridge Club meet on Friday afternoons 2pm at the Alice Cross centre. They provide a host, which means that you can go along without a partner.

The second Teignmouth club meets at Richard Newton Hall at 6.45pm on Mondays.

Shaldon also meet at 6.45 on Mondays and meet at the hall next to the church, just over Shaldon bridge.

I can provide contact information if you wish.

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