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Of course you can Frannie. Just don't tell anyone else or they'll all want to join! I presume you are ok with taking part in the initiation ceremony? To clarify, you're not allergic to goats are you?

Did you forget to close your tag?

16 Oct 2008

You're the webmaster, and I claim my five pounds... ;-)

Council web Site
16 Oct 2008

"Miscreants"? Oh dear, you're none too bright are you with your attempts to mask your ID...

No evidence of what? Of other people using their common sense to find out how to post using bold, italics, etc? You call me "JD" (just like "someone else" on here), so where have you come from all of a sudden to be so interested as to how it's done? I know you're probably under the delusion that I'm the webmaster and every other bugger that dares to present facts rather than conspiracy theories, ...

16 Oct 2008

Two others on here have worked it out, why not you or your alter-egos?

To Web Master
16 Oct 2008

Oh dear - yet another identity. How boring you are. Yes, it's all the fault of me and the rest of the members of my secret society...

Santa Fun Run
16 Oct 2008

Sorry to upset the cynics and killjoys ("attention seeking" - where the hell did that come from??), but my better half and myself are going to be taking part ("running" isn't the right word!) in the Loughborough Santa Fun Run on Sunday 7th December. Why Loughborough - maybe it's because home is where the heart is... ...

15 Oct 2008

I've just signed up to do a 6K Santa Fun Run (yes, dressed in a Santa outfit!). If anyone wants to sponsor me (every single penny goes to charities), please leave a message. Thanks.

Hi Dullish. It's Friday again, so I'm looking forward to seeing what imaginative user names you register as tonight. Bottoms up, cheers, salut, etc, etc... ;-)