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Dawlish Delights
17 Aug 2008

Got to agree with Don on this one. What I class as the old part of town really is so tranquil - long may it stay that way.

Local produce market
17 Aug 2008

An excellent idea ZIGGY. Please let us know how you get on when you contact the Town Council with your idea, because I'd love to see a regular Farmers Market on the Lawn. Cheers.

Proud to be British
17 Aug 2008

How fantastic has this Olympic weekend been for Great Britain? Well done to all British medal winners for helping to put the Great back into Britain. They've fully vindicated the magnificent investment that has been made into sporting facilities in this country.

Finished 0-0 yesterday, a tough replay in prospect at Wimborne on Tuesday night at 7.45pm. Well done to the Wimborne keeper for two fantastic penalty saves to keep his team in the biggest Cup competition in the world. The winners of Tuesday's game earn £750 prize money and a trip to Western League First division side Odd Down.

Organic Fruit & Veg
17 Aug 2008

I'd also heartily recommend Rod & Bens Organic Vegetable Box Scheme. They're based at Bickham Farm, Kenn and can be telephoned on 01392 833833. For truly local organic food, you could also try paying a visit to K Partridge at Duckaller Farm on Port Road on the edge of Dawlish - or phone them on 863132.

Well done organisers
17 Aug 2008

I completely agree with the original poster on this thread - what a fantastic week that was! A fitting tribute to 40 years of effort by so many hard working people. You are all heroes and you all deserve a well-earned rest. For a short while at least!

That's a bit of a tough one - I'm sure the weather will be fine by then though! There's always the museum to while away a rainy hour or so. I guess your kids are too old for the Monkey House. As it's Scarecrow Week, you could ask them to help judge the winner. As in previous years, scarecrows will appear around the town on shops and pubs etc and residents and holiday makers will choose the ...

A NEW leaflet packed full of information about the Exe Estuary was launched yesterday and is available from Tourist Information Centres in Exmouth, Exeter and Dawlish. The colourful leaflet is a guide to all of the recreational activities available on the Estuary and where to find the clubs and organisations who can give advice and help local residents and visitors get the most out of the ...

Dawlish Webcams
5 Aug 2008

For those of you who love Dawlish and it's neighbouring hamlets, but live away from the area, you could always take a look through the two webcams that are available on-line: Dawlish Warren webcam is at Starcross webcam is at:

Dawlish Carnival
5 Aug 2008

For full details about the 40th Anniversary Carnival starting this weekend, go to

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