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Is there another way to protect Dawlish and the railway line. Is building the sea wall higher, the only way to afford protection? Councillors appear not to have a clue or are just clueless. How about something to help them, like errecting short sections of scaffold along the sea wall, (Marine Parade. and Sealawn Terrace) temporary of course but at the same height as the intended height of the ...

They should show no mercy on those scumbags. They ruin so many other peoples lives.

If people want to do these crazy things let the carry on, it,s their choice.

Who needs these houses? Where are they coming from?

Takes al sorts.

Vibrant! thats a strange word to use for this town.

Kieron also gave to numerous charities UNICEF, Save the Children and many animal charties and his family has invited donations to any of those named.

8 Jan 2019

Now that they have found Keiron and that has been cofirmed by the coroner, His cremation will take place on Friday 11th January at 1400hrs. all are welcome to attend. there will be a gathering at what used to be the Imperial Hotel, New North Road, Exeter, afterwards.

Two cheers for Democracy: one because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism, and she can be crtisised on many fronts.

Official---- the police will not give a press release until there has been a formal identification, but by all accounts it was Keiron that was washed up on a beach in Dorset. Question now remains, how did he get from Dawlish to Dorset in just a flimsy dessing gown and jim jam.

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