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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
22 Jan 2019 08:34

The Dawlish Heritage Trail has been developed by Teignbridge, with funding from the Coastal Communities Fund and Devon County Council.  Designed for adults and children, the trail has 14 information points. They reveal historic stories which show how the town has been shaped over time to become the friendly, vibrant and cultural town that it is today.


22 Jan 2019 08:45

Vibrant! thats a strange word to use for this town.

22 Jan 2019 12:07

In the 15 years I have lived in Dawlish the town's essential services have become ever more scarce.

Prohibition notices have been placed around the town to stop the minority of idiots, vagrants and alcoholics from being an annoyance, but as zero enforcement takes place they just paint the town as a problem area to visitors.

Banks in the town started to close and last year Lloyds, the only bank left, closed its doors.

The Lawn and paths around town are often strewn with rubbish and certain cliff top paths become over grown for most of the Summer.

The rare time you see the police is when they drive through town with their windows closed or are visiting the CO OP to pick up a shop lifter.

When we get some rough sea's it can take weeks for the tons of sand to be cleared from the walkways along the front.

The only time you see our m.p. is when there is a media photo shoot opportunity.

The local council, in my opinion, has an addiction for spending money on anything other than where it is required and a deaf ear when it comes to the local residents opinions on such subject's.

The jewel in the crown for Dawlish, i.m.o, was the air show every year, but that's been binned as well.

To finish off, that was quite a 'vibrant' platform for sharing has continued to spiral downwards over the years...I almost miss the rambling moanings of D Monde at this stage.

R.I.P Dawlish


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