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16 Sep 2019

The EU membership will have to come up with something, because we are going to come out deal or no deal, and however others try and argue to keep us in, that will not happen.

16 Sep 2019

Has the uk government pushed the EU members into a corner? Our government has put nothing on the table to enhance the agreement cooked up by TM. And now we have seen the EU members, or at least some of them, are getting very frustrated. At the same time, there has been nothing to sort this out coming from the EU. The EU members have most to loose, it maybe  a bumpy road for us when we leave to ...

For repeat scripts I always use systemonline. It goes to your doctor, they check your requirements, they punch in the items you want and send it to lloyds (electronically). lloyds then send you a message telling you when it is ready to collect.

Bet sbhe won't do it again.

10 Sep 2019

I have to disagree with @DEEDOODLE . Those that place graffiti on a wall or do anything to other peoples property are clearly breaking the law--unless they have permission to do such a thing. The town council employee or a civil enforcement officer has the right to place a ticket on the windscreen. where else would they put it to inform the owner that they had no right to park there?

The subject title won't bother her no more-----------she has resigned from the cabinetand surrender the tory whip, so her promise won't count for nothing.

Depends who you are and who you get to see I suppose. some people get privileges others don't

Did anyone see that goon Ben presenting the bill to stop a no deal brexit. Well during his speech when he gave way to let someone else have their say, he got to a point where he said "I am not going to give way ANYMORE, well he gave away another twelve times before he finished, so there was the biggest lie I have ever heard. There is one MP I wouldn't trust, just like his father.

I recently visited the surgery and the doctor wanted to see me again within four weeks, I was given a note to take to the receptionist. I handed over the note and was told that I cannot have an appoinitment, when I enquied why not, I was told that this particular doctor had not sent in the rota so the receptionist had no idea when this doctor would be working. So what do I do now I asked, you will ...