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There is a lot of activity at the viaduct by the police and coastguard right now.

Move to Dawlish
2 days ago

20years ago you could get to Exeter easily in 30mins, now you are lucky if you can do the same journey within an hour. I have lived in this area all my life and the road from Dawlish to Exeter has not changed apart from the Exminster by-pass. In the last 30years or more they must have built thousands of new homes, starting in Dawllish on to Starcross then Kenton and Exminister without giving the ...

Anne Marie Morris: I am delighted to be the last Back Bencher standing to conclude the debate before the Front Benchers have their say. I thought the referendum result was a great tribute to the British people. It was a vote for opportunity, it was a vote of aspiration, and it was a vote for freedom. Many in this Chamber would absolutely support that. My real frustration is that this ...

6 days ago If you are still awake burnside!!!!!!

1 week ago

@burnside But I bet it keeps you guessig what it is all about. Will you,I wonder, lose sleep over it?

Kieron also gave to numerous charities UNICEF, Save the Children and many animal charties and his family has invited donations to any of those named.

It is also true that she has given decades of devoted and impeccable service to the Conservative Party and works tirelessly for good causes, including those promoted by her local church. She is a good person who has committed a serious crime because of misguided loyalty to her Party and her political principles. She was carried away by her conviction that the defeat of Nigel Farage was an ...

Now that they have found Keiron and that has been cofirmed by the coroner, His cremation will take place on Friday 11th January at 1400hrs. all are welcome to attend. there will be a gathering at what used to be the Imperial Hotel, New North Road, Exeter, afterwards.

Two cheers for Democracy: one because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism, and she can be crtisised on many fronts.

Racing industry in crisis and that is before brexit. A lot of trainers are scared stiff of what bexit might bring. For whose benefit are horses raced??????