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I don't think so. In the morning most of the traffic are going uphill, in the evening/late afternoon, they will be coming down Luscombe Hill. There are plenty of passing places.

9 hours ago

Up Luscombe hill to the A38. Follow the A38 until you join the motorway M5. Saves the holdups along the A379 especially at Exminster.

@Margaret Swift . I was meerly asking questions, do I not have the right on this forum to do that? Some people get involved in everything, others get involved in nothing.

Business are worried now, they want THE deal to go through. They say through their spokeswoman, "There are many benefits in the deal negotiated by Teresa May and all MP's should accept it". So MP's are having pressure put on them (which I always believed they would) by businesses. I think this will go right to the wire

2 days ago

What are the flaws within the deal that May has negotiated. I hear there are many flaws but what are they?

2 days ago

I see that many have been hitting this topic with doubt, that is their choice. They are so rapped up in brexit, that no one seems to care a toss about terrorism or global warming and what we are going to do about it. Sad really! The world might rumble on, but the again it might not. We might fall off a cliff over brexit, then again we might not.

2 days ago

EU REFERENDUM RESULTS 2016 BY VOTES 17.4m leave 16.1m remain BY CONSTITUANT 406 leave 242 remain CONSTITUANT BY PARTY Lab 148 leave 84 remain Con 247 leave 80 remain BY REGION 9 leave 3 remain BY MP 160 leave 486 remain Brexit isn't the problem. It's our MP's who are the problem.

So beit, but in reality it is different. How many cllrs would check the advice given by the clerk independently?

3 days ago

They are only the Mayor in name, they take advice from the clerk and usually but not always the clerks advice is taken. Whilst the clerk may only be an employee, they do weald a lot of power if the situation requires it. The Mayor as I understand it, will always take the vote no matter what meeting it is if he is called by the clerk to attend. So if for instance there is fifty/fifty vote for and ...

3 days ago

The speaker of the house is John Bercow, the speaker of Dawlish town council is the clerk. If he/she want the play park on the lawn somewhere, then it will come about. If he/she say's no, no ,no, then there will be no play park on the lawn. That's how it works, that's how it has always worked. councillors are ignorant of how the system works. it's not a case of towing the party line, it is towing ...