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Their jobs ffs

2 Mar 2020

Well done to our incompetent government.

And we all know which people get the most out of these positions of power, DONT WE?


For decades now the NHS has been caught in an upside down world. Management rule the roost and patients and nurses are at the bootom of their list. Managements goal is to maximise the amount of money that goes in THEIR pockets. On one hand they moan there are not enough beds and with the other hand they sell off numerous well positioned and well used local hospitals. Greed is not only ...

Don't u think?

Its about time they spent the money they already claw off hard working people on the essentials. Instead of large pay packets, pension top ups and expenses and newton abbot town centre.

They are carrying out this years Dawlish patrols on foot to get them out the way for the rest of their years busy schedule of sitting in their car, van, station etc.

Last week the CDC and who stated incubation was up to 25 days!

You don't need a centre you need coppers walking the streets and gaining local knowledge and the confidence of the local people. The centre will just be a money pit that does very little other than house a group of over paid individuals sitting in sterile environments. It will then most probably be closed after a year or so as ineffectual. Real world problems need real world actions. Just ...