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UK government continues to drag their heels and seemingly carry out their 60% infection goal of the uk population. Supposedly using school children as the carriers as they are intent on keeping the schools open until easter holidays. Interesting how the China infection rate has plateud possibly because they have now immunised the rest of the population through the drinking water ...

All they seem interested in is building them as quick as possible and selling them. Chances of anything being completed is slim to none as time goes on, in my opinion.  Poor quality and finish....turds with gold plating is my impression of some of these new housing estates. You only have to watch as the houses go up before all the shoddy work is covered in render, from what I have seen on ...

Numerous planes leaving Dubai for Dublin, Madrid, Geneva and on and on

You would hope not considering the state Dawlish has slid to over the years.

Just checked flightradar24 on Android platform and there are thousands of planes ferrying people all over the planet this morning!!!!!

Several people with not one but 2 large shopping trolleys. One old couple in front of me filled the conveyer belt to the cashier twice over with a pile of stuff. Anyone would think it was end of days. Floods, fires, pandemic and locust, oh and inept governments...what could go wrong.

@1263 a bunch of passenger's on the gray train my opinion

11 Mar 2020

£2,455 for jack shxx

11 Mar 2020

Dawlish council should hold their heads in shame.

11 Mar 2020

Money for old rope comes to mind. They now get a few quid less than Devon and Somerset Fire and rescue authority and I sure know which does a far superior job