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Car park literally full with groups of people chatting and eating and drinking from mobile cafe. In 15 years the only time its ever this busy is usually New Years eve. Amazing how people react to a pandemic.

@leatash .....indeed, but ignorance is as ignorance does.

20 Mar 2020

Whilst taking a walk last night around the town and keeping a long distance between me and anyone else. I noticed numerous people going into the local pubs. One chap went into a pub that is no bigger than my lounge. Social distancing, so many ignorant/dumb people around.

Just like when they got the extension on bexit, what a f@@k@@g bunch.

Oh and just another thing wtf is Anne Marie morris....hiding in her bunker until the media come here with their cameras?

HuwMatthews2 .... and I though the CIA killed Kennedy because he tried to pull the troops out of the Vietnam war. Which as everyone knows was making certain firms in the U.S, an absolute fortune supplying the War effort. I also wont mention the fact that an excessive amount of troops sent out there were not of the pale complexion.

Being an old fart who has had the sad misfortune to be born in the U.K and had to endure decades of bull from politicians. I have slowly, over the years, evolved an inbuilt bull s££t translator. Which has been working over time with politicians saying how the government will cope and the NHS. Batten down the hatches... World War V is here and the incompetent are in charge. God save us all.

Ha ha ha

17 Mar 2020

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