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10 Jul 2020 13:21

The roads were bumper to bumper through teignmouth to morrisons. In my book that is good for our bit of the world.


Total uk pop who has/is sufferring from covid is supposedly....wait for it....quarter of one percent of the population!

I know that stat is only valid for people who have  açtually been tested, it is more likely millions of us have had it and just thought it was flu.


Call me paranoid but i believe there is a more serious global agenda being played out.

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10 Jul 2020 18:37

Unfortunately, now that the lockdown has eased (officially), all the idiots believe that there is nothing to worry about and the virus has gone away.


SHOCK HORROR. It will be back very soon to a neighbourhood near you but even worse than before.

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11 Jul 2020 06:00
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