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16 Apr 2016 14:56
18 Apr 2016 07:48

Can anyone share the story of this building - it's gorgeous and on such a big plot - how did it end up abandoned & run down?

18 Apr 2016 08:02
18 Apr 2016 10:37
18 Apr 2016 11:44

Up until a few years ago it had a fully tiled roof, but a couple of blokes in a van came along and stripped one complete section and left it open to the elements.

Latest appeal on Teignbridge planning website was  (07/00032/REF) against refusal to demolition the existing buildings and errect 12 dwellings with assoctiated parking.

I will be objecting on the grounds of over building on a small plot. The associated dangers of the ingress/egress during construction and later the occupants trying to navigate the entrance to the development onto Weech road.

This road has very fast traffic running down it at all times of the day, especially during the time people are going to and from work. I wouldn't call it rushhour, but extremely dangerous all the same.

Before 'you know who gets there oar in' yes, there are a lot of dwellings on the road already, but there is no need to add to the problem for greedy developers to bolster their bank accounts at the expense of local people.

There are plenty of dwellings being built locally to justify saying 'NO' to more high density developments on postage stamp sizes of land.

Planning should be directing developer's to produce developments that add to the area in a positive way, but all they seem to do is rubber stamp what ever these large companies want todo!

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
18 Apr 2016 18:52

The application (16/00765/LBC) comes before Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee on Thursday. The previous application to demolish part of the building and to redevelop the site (forming a total of 9 houmes) was considered last year (15/01204/FUL). This is how the Committee commented then:


Comment:  RESOLVED by the majority of Members present and voting that this Council recommends refusal of this application for the following reasons:

1.      Overdevelopment of the site

2.      Traffic and Highways issues including access and parking

3.      Impingement on amenity space


Members wished to add that they do welcome development at this site and would support an application if the Highways issues can be mitigated.

Morty Vicker
Morty Vicker
18 Apr 2016 19:54

It's a real shame that what's now an eyesore building can't be brought back to life in its current shape and form. Shame on the owners for allowing it to fall into the state of disrepair that it's been in for so long. 


As for this proposal, for what it's worth I agree with last years decision that the applicant mustn't be allowed to get away with this without addressing the highways issues. 

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23 Apr 2016 10:54

This is what the Dawlish town council planning committee decided on Thursday:


PARISH: DAWLISH WARD: Dawlish South West
APPLICATION REF: 16/00765/LBC OFFICER: Donna Crabtree
LOCATION: 13 Weech Road 
PROPOSAL: Demolition of building
APPLICANT Mr J Farrell Sterling Property Developments 5th Floor One American 
Square 15 Crosswell London EC3N 2SG 
AGENT: Mr S Christmas Narracotts Architects 2 Montpellier Terrace Torquay 
Devon TQ1 1BL 
Comment: RESOLVED unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends 
REFUSAL of this application as it is a building of historical interest. Members would therefore like to 
see a development that is reflective of the original building and retains as much of the original 
structure as possible
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24 Apr 2016 11:57

It doesn't matter how wrecked a building is, if people can use old methods to restore fire damaged listed buildings that are a bare shells and unsafe, then this restoration project is achievable and deliverable.  It just means that the other housing on site needs to be considered so that the profit from these cover any additional expense which then could be deemed to make the project unviable, since grants for such a project is unlikely.

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11 May 2016 17:35

TDC have refused permission for it to be demolished. 

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21 Apr 2020 18:06

There seems to be activity at the old rectory this afternoon. 2 cranes and a gaggle of men at roof height.


from planning dept it would seem an appeal went in to overturn the latest non decision by teignbridge, but activity is on site with some serious equipment!


IMG 7791


IMG 7785


IMG 7776


IMG 7794

22 Apr 2020 11:04

Added 4 pics to last post.

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