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@Lostit , i can see why you chose that particualr name for yourself!

If the meetings were interesting then perhaps the press might turn up! By the time you have listened to everything each councillor has done over the last month, most of which isn’t relevant, then there is little time for anything else.........yawn!!!!

Spend any money available on a tasteful bandstand, which can and will attract all age groups and be an asset to the lawn area.

It was, it was really exciting!

22 Aug 2018

Did anyone else witness the armed police in Dawlish at 18.30 tonight and know what it was all about? Three men appeared to be apprehended and road blocked off at jubilee bridge! Police covered with black face masks and armed with machine guns!

@Lynne i responded to your post because you specifically said at present day christian marriages. you were implying that everything you said is happening now, to everyone, which is not true. things have improved and, yes, there is still some way to go, particularly in the way the media (the whole spectrum of media) depicts males and females.

19 Aug 2018

@Lynne , i think you are just a little bit out of date. the choice of wording for marriage vows at any wedding, including christian, has been up to the individual since at least 1970! i was first married in 1975 and never included the ridiculous notion of obey, nor at my second marriage ceremony. and more than half of my friends kept their own name, including me. women do have choices, some ...

17 Aug 2018

Mrs C, normal, please!!! I note she is trolling me again, what is it with that woman, she can’t seem to bear it when I’m not posting! Webmaster please sort her out!

Lycra louts about.
7 Aug 2018

I’m thinking of opening a just giving page to fund majorp being kindly put to sleep by the local vet! Any takers?

Great, so the next shop to close on the Strand will be the opticians, who, in my experience, are very, very good. Shame our beautiful little town seems to have the self destruct button permanently activiated!

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