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£20,000 a day

Humans v alpacas! Der!

No, I can't hear a thing either, don't know what all the fuss is about!!

27 Nov 2020

Yawn yawn!

25 Nov 2020

I've noticed that most of the flats in the block opposite to the railway station look empty, have people been relocated?  I wouldn't be surprised as the noise when they are drilling is horrendous and anyone living there would not get any sleep or any respite during the day.

23 Nov 2020

The sentiment remains the same, I'm alright Jack!

20 Nov 2020

Oh aren't you the lucky rich person being able to afford triple glazing! Sod the rest of us!! You're all heart!!

18 Nov 2020

Welcome to our world on Marine Parade, we've had 17 months of it and they're still not finished! Your turn now, best of luck! You'll need it!

Based on the rate of progress made on the first Phase that should read March 2022! First Phase already 9 months behind the original scheduled date for completion and they still haven't finished!

But the footpath through that land has been Closed for a long time and it begs the question why? Did the town council agree to the closure of the footpath? Were the necessary notices advertised? I don't ever remember seeing notice of closure to the footpath.