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Duckileaks, the ones I'm talking about probably do have back doors but to get to them you have to go from the front. I know for sure that two have definitely been closed throughout lockdown.

4 days ago

We don't have that many pubs in Dawlish! I walk past four of them regularly and none have been obviously open, well, three of the four definitely not open!! I must admit some suspicious activity at one of them!

Leatash, you are so right! It will be utter chaos from Saturday, the R rate will rise, we will be in lockdown again through no fault of our own making, but alll the infected clowns will have gone home to Birmingham and Manchester!! You couldn't make it up but it will happen. Meanwhile, Dawlish will have ONE pavement for all whilst the other one is full of tables and chairs so the cafes can make ...

1 week ago

But the lawn side is to be full of tables and chairs from all the cafes so you won't be able to walk up or down the lawn side! That's why that element of the plan is madness! We will all be herded onto one pavement, as it used to be before the refurbishment that was to 'save' Dawlish! It's bad enough now, but at least I can track between the two sides of the road to avoid those that cannot be ...

1 week ago

Even if there is temporary parking restrictions on The Strand, the road is still open with traffic piling through. If the pavement next to the lawn area is taken up with tables and chairs from the cafes then we are restricted to walking along the other pavement and social distancing will be impossible. This element of the plan is nothing short of bonkers! To make this work The Strand would need to ...

Newton Abbot Tip
3 weeks ago

If you are going to visit then take proof of your address otherwise you will be turned away.

Which is why they have changed their minds about who and what they stand for..........again!!

@leatash .......bully for you!

10 May 2020

So, no work on the construction of the wall during the day yesterday but come midnight the horrendous drilling started and was still going on at 1am! Why? Today, tide going out, no one working on the wall but tonight you can safely bet that they will be back drilling again so no one on Marine Parade can sleep! It really is perverse!

5 May 2020

Time and storms will tell!