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General Discussion

@Kung Fu Panda . Thanks for posting these pics. Well done.

Well done for carrying on.

Dawlish History
3 Aug 2023

@ZIGGY What is the date please?

Teresa May vote
8 Jul 2023

@Minnie1 Who? I thought that Sir Keir Starmer was leader of the Labour Party, or have I missed something?

The country is going backwards. Try getting information from a call centre. You could die of boredom before you speak to someone.

22 May 2023

@HuwMatthews2 Thanks for the heads up (or down) on that. We eventually went to Forest Fungi on the way to the Warren. Superb food that you could actually taste. I had the full english, and my friends had the eggs benedict and the eggs royal. Well worth a try if you haven't yet tried it.

Boots, the Strand.
17 May 2023

What a shambles they have become. Submitted a prescription 2 weeks ago and STILL not ready!!!!

12 May 2023

Hello all. Where is the best place to go in Dawlish for a Breakfast?

Hoping that everyone enjoys the Coronation Weekend. Have a great time everyone. God Save the King.

Oh well. You all had your chance but no, they (Lib Demons) got in.

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