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Devon CEO pay rise
2 weeks ago

Another nugget to bear in mind when voting in the next local elections.

2 weeks ago

This is an old chestnut that gets trotted out every time when they say that they have to pay these inordinate sums to get the best people for the job. Most of the time the people they get are only after the money, not interested in taking any responsibility and are not up to the job anyway.

Bin tax
2 weeks ago

I seem to remember them saying that they would scrap the charge for green garden waste if they were in charge of the council. They put it up by £5 instead for the first year they were elected and now we have to pay another £5 p.a. for fewer collections. Makes sense doesn't it! p.s. our local elections are next May.

Cllr. Petherick has been the only one who has ever showed any interest in the issues raised by these planning applications. The other members of the planning committee have been useless.

17 Jun 2022

Well,  no-one saw that coming - did they?

My experience is that the powers that be are not interested in how the site is accessed, that seems to fall outside their remit. All they are worried about is how the site itself is configured to allow for traffic on site only.

This might be naive of me, but couldn't the local council tell all the developers concerned that unless they get their act together so that the road is joined up satisfactorily, they will not adopt the road or take on any responsibility for the maintenance thereof?

17 Mar 2022

It's a foregone conclusion

Without boring anyone further, I always try to avoid causing an obstruction on the highway, others seem able to do that for me quite successfully!

9 Mar 2022

@Daverc : My understanding is that anyone can park on the road, whether it be outside their own home or not, as long as there are no yellow lines & they are not blocking access to anyone else's property. Maybe someone else knows different?

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