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Well, I just hope that if anything happens to these non-compliant people, they blame themselves for not following the rules and don't start whingeing about it being everybody else's fault.

Will we ever see it built in our lifetime?

Hedges should be left alone in the bird nesting season. There is legislation for this.

On Facebook, Devon & Cornwall police are asking people to report breaches of their instructions to STAY AT HOME. So if you know of anyone who's done just that , dob them in for all our sakes.

It's pretty useless to visit Sainsbury's at the moment. I've given up trying to get anything in there. Had to get a few things that I couldn't get in Co-op on Saturday so I reluctantly went out this afternoon, plenty of basic supplies in Costcutter. About half a dozen people in there & everyone giving everyone else a wide berth. They have also got a line for you to line up behind to give space for ...

They don’t clear up after their dogs because they know they can get away with it. They are not responsible pet owners and shouldn’t have a dog in the first place because they put everyone else at risk with their disgusting behaviour.

27 Sep 2019

No, we love positive posts. The trouble is there isn’t much to be positive about at the moment. This is good news.

If so, then it’s gone downhill a lot over the last few years.

lobotomy dems
11 Aug 2019

Just try navigating the Teignbridge website in order to pay the £40 fee for the green bin - it’s a complete nightmare. What idiot thought that one up.

@Lindaanne56 F.P. Boone, newsagents, used to be where Ladbrokes betting office is now in the Strand, about half-way down. It was sold to Martins, newsagents, I think in the late 80's when Mr. & Mrs Boone retired and then became the betting office around 15 years ago. Mr. & Mrs Boone's daughter used to live in the town but sadly died some time ago. I believe another sister still lives here. The ...

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