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General Discussion

26 Nov 2021 17:11

Documents related to this Application are available here.

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Secmaton Farm, Secmaton Lane, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0LW
Dawlish North East
Erection of 201 dwellings, open space, landscaping, allotments and associated infrastructure
Major Application


27 Nov 2021 12:06

I wonder if there will be any bungalows, or lifetime homes, or wheelchair friendly homes?


And then there's the matter of the eco-friendliness (or not!) of future housing developments. I wonder just how 'green' this development will be?


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30 Nov 2021 12:54

On developments of this size TDC presently has a target that 25% of the build should be Affordable Homes.


02 Dec 2021 14:08

According to a report in the Dawlish Gazette (2.12.21) the number of Affordable Homes (AH) being proposed is 20 for rent and 8 for shared ownership. Total of 28. Which is 13.93%. So say that's 14%.


(for info: the adjacent Persimmon build presently under construction is for 200 homes. 22 of these will be AH. Which represents 11%).


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04 Dec 2021 07:42

Some Teignbridge Housing Need facts

"As our population grows older, we need homes that people can live in independently for longer. By 2039: • 1 in 3 Teignbridge residents will be 65 years or older • 1 in 8 will be aged over 80

House prices are more than 10 times the average household salary. Over 1,000 people in the district are in need of an affordable home to rent or buy."




04 Dec 2021 07:52

Correction to my post dated 2nd December.  The number of homes being built by Persimmon is 190 (the other 10 allocated for the site are, I believe, for self build). 

So the actual percentage of Affordable Homes being built on the Persimmon site (22 out of a build of 190) is 11.58%

Half a home anyone?  

05 Dec 2021 17:34

The planning application for the 201 homes at Secmaton Farm is on the agenda for Dawlish Town Council's planning committee meeting being held on Thursday 9th December.  


These are the town councillors who sit on the town council planning committee should you wish, prior to the meeting, to let them know your thoughts on this application.  


08 Dec 2021 06:45

Well, well, well! would you believe it! I've just taken a look at the recently posted online Design and Access statement for this development and amongst other things, it says this.

"Bungalows are sited to the upper slopes and to the east adjacent to existing bungalow properties. Small distinct areas are shown on the site plan designated for Retirement Housing use. These include housing which will allow potential ground floor living areas for the elderly. "

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08 Dec 2021 18:27

Let's hope it goes to plan then, but I won't hold my breath until I see them actually built (being slightly cynically minded!) Also, how many are planned for this development?

09 Dec 2021 09:40

I think it is 12 in total.

I am trying to get confirmation (or otherwise) of that number.   


I share your cynicism by the way @Cassandra.  I will be gobsmacked if, planning permission having been granted, that somewhere along the line in the future the developer doesn't then plead lack of viability to TDC planning department and the number of Affordable Homes and/or bungalows gets reduced.  And the general public will never be made aware of what the viability argument was.    

09 Dec 2021 12:20

The last thing they want is the general public's opinion on any of these decisions.

11 Dec 2021 18:42

See below for Dawlish Town Council's Planning Committee's thoughts on this planning app.



Resolved that this Council raises objections to the application on the following grounds:


·         Greater clarity required on the matter of

o   Water drainage and sewerage capacity for the site

o   Traffic management

o   Intended construction management plan

o   Loss of Cirl Bunting habitat mitigation should be addressed

·         Lack of community infrastructure in terms of education provision being provided in DA2 allocation;


·         The link road was required to be in place before construction begins to prevent heavy plant traffic accessing the site along Elm Grove Road and by Gatehouse School;

·         The percentage of 14% affordable housing is insufficient for the site and does not comply with the recommended level of 25% as set out in the Teignbridge Local Plan;

·         Protection of existing hedgerows through conveyancing post property sale to ensure longevity of wildlife corridors and natural habitats;

·         Any site management should be coordinated with the other phases of DA2 to ensure a uniform approach to prevent varying rules being applied different across the DA2 allocation;

·         The main arterial road should be wide enough for two cars to pass each other, with parking separate to that of the through road;

·         Management of the allotment site should be transferred to Dawlish Town Council upon completion together with a decreasing dowry

·         Provision of post boxes to be provided across the DA2 allocation to negate the need for increased traffic movements in the town centre.


It was further resolved that should the Planning Officer be minded to approve the application, the Town Council Planning Committee requests that the application is called-in to the Teignbridge Planning Committee for determination.





24 Dec 2021 18:19

Torbay and Devon NHS Foundation Trust are asking for a sum of £191,992 from the developer to mitigate the extra demands on the local NHS that the residents on this estate will create. 


Reason; The local NHS is already operating at full capacity and this development will increase demand on acute, community and planned healthcare. Without this financial contribution there will be longer waiting times for all patients.  

31 Dec 2021 16:01

I note that one of the objections put forward by Dawlish Town Council is that "The percentage of 14% affordable housing is insufficient for the site and does not comply with the recommended level of 25% as set out in the Teignbridge Local Plan"


However, I also note that at 4.2 of the Planning Statement addendum dated November 2021 the following is written: The (revised) Affordable Housing offer (14%) has been agreed in principle with TDC in advance of this resubmission.  





31 Dec 2021 18:23

The saying about left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing certainly seems to apply to anything TDC deals with.

07 Jan 2022 09:31

A synopsis of DCC (Devon County Council) Highways dept's. requirements;


Bus Service - bus stops along the link road for (presumably) the number 2 bus.

Cars - the development will require the provision of two car club vehicles at a cost of £30,000 each (includes start up costs). A car parking space will also be required for the car club vehicles. More car share spaces are needed along with electric charging points.  

Travel Packs - will need to be provided to all residents of the development. They should give information on alternative ways of travelling rather than using private motor vehicles - (walking, cycling, bus, trains). They should give information about transport for those with disabilities. All travel packs should include vouchers of up to £250 per dwelling towards public transport use plus £50 per dwelling towards cycling or car club use.   





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