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General Discussion

To Web Master
17 Oct 2008

Initiation is all to do with tapping up people.....I know of a couple who run a business in Dawlish who have been approached on numerous occasions to 'join' Rotary/Roundtable, even though they made it clear from the start that they did not wish to be involved. Numbers are dwindling, hence the pressure to recruit. I know of others who no longer frequent the Most Unpleasant Inn due to the pressure ...

Council web Site
17 Oct 2008

Perhaps we can all take lessons in duplicity from certain Dawlish Town Councillors......they're experts at masking things. Or maybe this new website will bring with it a new openness and transparency? really must cease with projecting your booze obsession on others. Be a good boy and keep it to yourself and your drink sodden Dawlish Rotary/Roundtable cronies.

I wouldn't trust the word of Winchester.....look into his past.

7 Oct 2008

No....but I can smell the stench of a Dawlish Town Council lackey...... As for right on cue.....shall we wait a while for the PR responses from Truth/Don Pearson? C'mon Deacon, shake a leg!

7 Oct 2008

Manipulate is the key word. It's what Deacon does when he signs in as The Truth or Don 'dull' Pearson. It's also what Dawlish Town Council do, week in, week out.....hence the constant denials from Deacon and his aliases (or should that be ale-asses?), protecting his kind.

More like wee in a pistle if you've had the misfortune to taste the protheroe food. Sub standard fare for sub standard cliental. Grease is the word apparently......... More like the Most Unpleasant......

Sounds like Don is having an affair with Ann.....

Deacon's been getting himself all tangled up in a web(master) of deceit for years...... That's what happens when you lick the derrière of the p-rot-he-roe It's sycophants r us with their kind....lick lick....

Joey Deacon is full of double standards.....that's the way his kind operate. File under W.Protheroe, T.Hockin, H.Clemens, Prowse, Mugford, Winchester, Bush. The biggest bunch of untrustworthy filth to soil the town of Dawlish. Double standards appears to be their remit.

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