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Our glorious untouchable system.....part 2

26 Sep 2008 11:42

Strange how Deacon is selective in his finger pointing and avoids this example of those with responsibility abusing the trust placed on them by the public. The 'network' look after their own.

PC walks free in drink-drive case

Friday, September 19, 2008, 09:12

A TORBAY policeman has walked free from court after a drink drive case against him was dropped due to a technicality.

Former traffic officer PC Frank Wilson was involved in a crash at Shiphay in Torquay on February 16 and charged with drink driving and driving without due care and attention.

But magistrates in Plymouth dismissed the case against him last week.

The Crown Prosecution Service has revealed it is considering appealing against the court decision.

Today Newton Abbot couple Ray (inset) and Amanda Davies, who suffered whiplash injuries and whose car was written off in the accident with Pc Wilson, who was off duty at the time, said they were disgusted with the outcome.

It is understood the drink driving charge was dismissed over a technicality as a blood alcohol test taken from PC Wilson could not be used in evidence for legal reasons.

But PC Wilson was acquitted on the driving without due care and attention charge on the evidence considered by the court.

Mr Davies, 44, said: "My wife was found guilty of drink driving a couple of years ago and she was arrested on the spot. This is so unbelievable.

"I just feel disgusted with the whole process."

The court case file was produced by officers in Torbay and then handed to a neighbouring crown prosecution service to take to court for independence.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: "This case followed standard practice where a serving police officer is accused of an offence. The preparation of the case was transferred from Devon and Cornwall CPS to Avon and Somerset CPS and the trial was moved to Plymouth Magistrates' Court where the defendant would not be known to the magistrates. Following legal argument, the court agreed with the defence's application and the defendant was acquitted. We are now considering our next steps in consultation with the police and counsel."

It has been revealed PC Wilson is now working for CID on 'restricted duties'.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "We are awaiting the return of the full case file so we can liaise with CPS and we will take whatever action is necessary having had that in relation to this case.

"The officer remains on restricted duties pending the outcome of this review."

Torbay police commander Supt Chris Singer said: "We do need to go through the file and find out why the case was dismissed until we have done that I am not in a position to comment any further."

Mr Davies says his car was spun 190 degrees in the accident and his car suffered extensive damage. "Amanda was in the passenger seat at the time. Only 15 minutes earlier we had our four-week-old grandson in the car but luckily we had just dropped him home.

"We both suffered whiplash and the car was a complete write-off."

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
26 Sep 2008 14:20

Sounds like a right cock-up to me. All drink drivers should be punished with the full force of the law. End of.

This copper sounds like he's got away with it - he should be grateful that he didn't kill someone through his stupid actions.

27 Sep 2008 07:44

This one did kill someone JD, and he wasn't drunk.

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
27 Sep 2008 09:06

My sympathies go to the family of the poor lady.

If and when he's found guilty, I hope he gets the maximum punishment possible for causing death by dangerous driving / manslaughter.

Thanks for the link Viaduct. Reading some of the comments at the bottom of the article makes me realise why I would never buy or read the Daily Mail. Cheap political point scoring over the sad and completely avoidable death of a lady leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

User 4549
User 4549
27 Sep 2008 17:22

How typical JD you decry the report yet sympathise with the relatives, talk about double standards. And the officer is suspended on full pay. SICK, BUT NOT SUPRISING

28 Sep 2008 18:38

Joey Deacon is full of double standards.....that's the way his kind operate. File under W.Protheroe, T.Hockin, H.Clemens, Prowse, Mugford, Winchester, Bush.

The biggest bunch of untrustworthy filth to soil the town of Dawlish.

Double standards appears to be their remit.

28 Sep 2008 19:35

If our Town Councilors are so corrupt, I have no knowledge of their conduct good or bad. Surelyit be a good idea for all those who do have such proof to go along to the next council meeting, or failing this have their say at election time.
I think it is unfair of those who are in the 'know' not to make this public, as most townsfolk will be unaware such deceit is alive and kicking. If it is left to this forum to be a platform it will not reach many of the folk of Dawlish.

User 4549
User 4549
28 Sep 2008 19:55

Ann, Myself and others have tried that but they changed the rules, previously it was part of the agenda for members of the public to pose questions, and it would form part of the minutes so there would be a record of the questions put to them, as they did not like the questions, they changed the rules so that it was no longer part of the agenda and the public would have to wait until the meeting was closed before putting questions to them, that way there is no record of them hearing or answering or who presented the question. Also if the meeting reached 9pm then you are not allowed to speak, and this is supposed to be a democratic society.

29 Sep 2008 13:26

Is that every council or a Dawlish Town Council rule. If it is the latter is it legal?
Are the minutes available to the public?

User 4549
User 4549
29 Sep 2008 17:14

As far as I can find out DTC are the only council that do this, it is legal but I think it is morally wrong.
You can get the minutes of meetings and agendas from the Town Hall and also the minutes from either the library or on line,
Put into you browser Dawlish Town Council,on the left of the page click Town Council then scroll down to Minutes & Agendas click and there you are.
Try any Town Council web site in the country and you will find that they include public participation within the meeting and towards the beginning of the meeting, so its recorded and you do not have to wait until the meeting is over to ask your question.

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