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Bin tax
3 Aug 2022

@boo hope Unless you vote you cannot get change.Apathy is the greatest danger, if someone complains but does not vote then is it is hyprocisy to complain. You may not get changes that you want but you have cast your vote and done all you could.

Devon CEO pay rise
26 Jul 2022

It seems that the Devon council passed a vote to increase the salary of its new chief executive to 200k a year.This is the council that are seemingly £40 odd million in debt.The reason for the increase is the usual waffle about can't attach the right people on £175k/year. Would love to know how the dawlish/Teignbridge councillors on Devon council voted on this one.... Crisis what crisis ...

Bin tax
22 Jul 2022

Latest info is council will not collect garden waste for two weeks over the Xmas period. Bin tax now  £50/ year so paying for less services but no reduction in cost. Where will all the money saved (25k subscribers in Teignbridge ) end up ?????  Chances  of this being made an ongoing action and not a temporary measure Answers on a postcard Another reason why the lib Dems have to go ......roll ...

What is it with some retarded dog owners hanging bags of poo on trees in the park rather than drop them in the bins provided.Do they think the council have time to check all the tree branches as well as empty the bins.Theae people should be reported

David Force
17 Jul 2022

@lindapetherick Does Teignbridge ratepayers pick up the bill for any waste left behind. ? In fact do we not  have a litter warden who could check out the area before they leave and issue enforcement fine if required

Train strike
22 Jun 2022

Let's all back the strikers how can any Train driver afford to live on a median salary of £59,000 per year these days.

Seems they must be as cars as parked half on the road and half on the pavement so that there would be no chance of emergency service vehicles getting past (yellow lines on both side of the narrow one way system). Also if youareacar driver trying to get past pray that a young child or indeed adult does not walk out the front door at that instant as you would hit them and you would be prosecuted by ...

Not forgetting reneging on bin tax. Introducing unenfocrcable legislation regarding number of dogs on leads and ength of leads. Time they werevoted out but unfortunately Tories willbejust as bad when they get in.

Sustainable Dawlish
15 Feb 2022

Is there such a thing as teignbridge energy officers - no wonder the council tax is so high. Here free of charge is what some "officer" will tell you turn of lights when not in room. switch of plugs when not in use try to keep one room warm drink hot cups of tea/coffee wear extra layer of  clothes eat a hotmeal every day turn down heating an extra degree grants apply for ...

Poor Mike timing is evertything,.......wonder how much  Boris antics influenced voting pattern.

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