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7 Dec 2020

"I must say, that it would be nice to think that there was a forum for serious, intelligent discussion and debate" - maybe there is but this isn't  it and never will be...

4 Dec 2020

I know what iriony is because I have grown up, however  I bet  you will be glad when schools go back  rather than  waste time on purile  posts.....

2 Dec 2020

What is this crap..................

lobotomy dems
25 Nov 2020

What's the background with Martin wriggley failing to apply for grants that other towns got "because he thought we would not get it"?

the good thing about covid is that it keeps the Brexit  off the news, however before I get negative responses about deaths /lockdowns etc, couldnt give a toss as the spanish flu and black death was much worse in my day.

RE:  ;painting of plane - could we have not got one from BA which already have the union jack on it, as they have planty to spare.....a low offer would probaly be accepted.

probably the cost of a pint atthe local Inn

Someone has to pay for it and I don't envisage the skip contractors saying glad you got advice and information now  give me my money........ Let me make it plain this is more political bulls**t from  political councillors who believe that talk is better than action and the public will swallow it.

14 Oct 2020

So what would be your definition of help and assistance that does not involve money!

14 Oct 2020

as much help and assistance as you want as long as its not money...... prepare for more fly tipping.......typical  local demo councilor, trying to justify  a demo teignbridge run council  decision with meaningless words and actions.

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