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From previous dawlish gazette Alan Connell ? We should try and hold council tax levels,from Alan dewhirst proposal to increase bin charges to allow to recruit more drivers.When will councillors realise they can't keep squeezing the working population, if they were in the private sector they would be sacked as they can't control their budgets (note inclusive of DCC Tory led) If cuts have to be made ...

The water firms get away with it citing heavy rainfall.....they should be fined every time it happens, that would focus minds on solutions rather than share price.!!! Note ...this get out clause is supported by the tories

Next they will be asking for volunteers to empty the bins .......

1.30--go home and make the dinner

They have a couple of years to turn it around so all this nonsense about having an election will not happen. If a week is a long time in politics what is two years when everything could be so different.

Waste of time ,the government has more pressing issues to deal with than this

Barton Surgery
13 Oct 2022

@carer,. If you are talking about boots pharmacy they are short staffed and under constant pressure to try and deliver.They do the best the can under the circumstances notwithstanding the abuse some individuals take from  the public.Instead of complaining move pharmacy if your not happy

Both too busy doing PR work regarding unused speed cameras and modular homes

Sewage smell on West cliff road for the last week

Looks like his book on dawlish history just got more expensive%uD83D%uDE00