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A poo bin located on the actual promanade would have been useful as there seems to be a reluctance for some dog owners to pivk up their pets dump on the walkway

With hindsight an award that would not have been needed if South West Rail had spent money on infrastructure improvements, ( knowing how dodgy Dawlish line was to the sea ) and not shareholders profits  when they ran the franchise.

Are they going  hang about the riverside centre at night to practise. anti-social behaviour underage drinking /drug abuse or will it just be hide and seek................?

Is there a hidden agenda here after not getting promotion................

If your enemy knows you won't fire ( After goverment executive decision- exclusive of your opinon of the merits of the incumbent president  ) then what is the point of the MAD scenario ?

Be aware its only a matter of time before the council looks for more money to replace the bin drivers that have left or offer the current drivers more money. Cant wait until elections to get this mob out , but the down side is swapping one shower for another..................

NHS waiting list in England hits record 5.45 million

11 Aug 2021

Now extended to 8 year course to allow  backlog catch up

‘It’s not acceptable’ said an irate Cllr Martin Wrigley. ‘I’ve raised this with Devon County Council time and time again and it gets absolutely nowhere.’ ,Yep,,,,, Lib dems toothless when it comes to getting things done, however would accept that Torys have more councillors on the county council but unfortunately the rate payers lose out as these groups make politcal decisions rather than ...

and thats what will eventually happen to the proposed playpark on the strand goups decide who has to pay for the upkeep etc, plus  all the anti-social behaviour it will bring with it.