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With the current incumbent AMMorris you dont need to look up tactical voting to decide who to tactily vote for,as the lib dems have been the opposition for years, however that does not mean you should vote for them either reform and SDA are other options but would mean a split in the conserative vote allowing the lib dems in. If the local record of the lib dems is repeated with a lib dem mp god ...

That will be. Sell out

Always wondered why people put up posters on their property, if they are supporters then they will vote that way anyway, as for the the general public no amount of posters in someones property will make them change their vote just by seeing someone elses preference.

3 days ago

Some candidates are actually going around doorsteps??? never heard of this in dawlish.

This will be kicked into the long grass and hopefully forgotten about by the lib dems. No forthcoming update from the petition raided by a lib dem to put before the lub dem controlled council. Expect excuses such as out for consideration, still to be costed, no money thanks to the goverment, still reviewing, general election prioriies etc etc ...add your own apt excuses.

Labour's Promises
2 weeks ago

@boo hoo, Ageed, but how do you send that message with one party as bad as the other, and not voting is not an option as the parties could not care less about non votes.?

All fine and dandy with their human rights but wht does the taxpayer keep hving to pick up the bill for removal of rubbish and clean up.  The teignbridge litter wardens ( a joke in itself) should be sent in and fine same if required .

I know that was one of your priorities however one swallow does not make a summer with the latest relevations that the lid dem teignbridge council wanted to charge rent for the nhs to park the cancer screening truck on council land. Wrigley excuse for this was that it was the fault of an "officer" who had taken this decision on their own. As regards the ambiguity around " officer" does that mean ...

3 weeks ago

Surely bullivant would have to register conflict of interests in any votes regarding development issues or not vote on them if his son is a developer?

3 weeks ago

Would it too much of a guess that leadership has changed to allow wrigley more time to concentrate on his election agenda at the upcoming general election?