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Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't prospective councillor Martin Wriggley against the current Network proposal for the sea wall,??? Interesting to see what stance the Lib-dems take as they are in power in Teignbridge council. !!!!!!!!

12th of never.

Apologies forr the typo : should have been  "teignbridge" council.

5 days ago

There has been some discussion about what type of shark it is after Laura posted her picture on the Eyes of Dawlish Facebook discussion group. Some thought it was a black dog fish. Luckily, there  was not more than four of them on the beach or teignmouth council would have sent out a warden to fine the owner.....

Brooklyn bridge - Grateful ?????.............  that is what we pay our council tax for.  The unelected crime commisioner  said we would need to pay more for policing (again). Now we have electric bikes.....why not just have the bobby walking the beat.

the white hart
1½ weeks ago

Rumour that it is alledgley up for sale.?

does anyone know the breakdown of who lost their seats and who won.?

Whoever gets in doesn't give a toss about how many ballot papers are spolit. If people genuinely want to protest they should vote possibly for the best of the worst . By not voting it allows other parties the chance to get back in . I would make it mandatory to vote as like in Oz. Its one of the last democratic ways we have to remove politicans after the death of free speech, newspaper gagging and ...

Gone but never forgotten. Can't the people in Chris Graylings constituency do the same -this man is a walking disaster 30-50 million pounds of tax payers money down the drain with the brexit ferry issue.....!!!! these guys would be shown the door in the real world.

S, uk putting pressure on USA /China & India- don't think so .....................!!!!  more like a opportunity for goverment to think up more ways to tax people.  Usual goverment bulls*it  says one thing and does another.