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30 Mar 2016

I heard that David Force is going to put on the carnival this year, is it just a rumour?  What was the truth with Farley. Thanks

Yes, Leatash let me know who and what topic and we can blast them with phone calls and phone number if you have one. I would be only to pleased to throw my American attitude at them lol.

29 Feb 2016

Just cant put that stick away Leatash lol. I'm with you 100%. I do call various TDC and or DCC about issues. My lastest issue was about a lamp standard that is located just outside the tourist office. When i called i was tranferred from one department to another, anyway i finally tracked down the right department. Did you know there are two departments in charge of street lighting. If the lamp ...

28 Feb 2016

Yes, Leatash, no doubt these sewage pipes have been hidden over the years under layers of sand and so with the power of the sea has eroded the sand and exposed these ugly sewage pipes. This of course will be a nice place to sit when tourist come here in the summer months. Whomever is reponsible Network rail or TDC something needs to be done, and soon. If these pipes were shut down why oh why ...

28 Feb 2016

What you are saying is so true. When you go under the viaduct make a left all the concrete has been washed away by the heavy sea's. I do understand we can't halt nature but there is nothing done to rectify the situation in fact it's totally dangerous. The sewage pipes that are now exposed just sit there. The local authorities just don't seem to care, they do as little as possible and you are right ...

They sure have the funds to upgrade Teignmouth big projects going that is where your tax money is going it sure isn't being spent in Dawlish.

Thank you Leatash for your research. Who would have thought it, where did you find this info but it makes sense.

22 Feb 2016

Over the past three weeks there have been a number of kids and adults alike that have slipped of the sea wall last one was yesterday when a child of about 10 years old slipped and fell down the sea wall. Luckely the father was a doctor but nevertheless emergency service's were called. My question is why and when these railing were removed perhaps decades ago. Who is responsible is it local council ...

where have they gone
20 Jan 2016

Well lets spice things up a bit. What are your views on Donald Trump running for President in the US? Do you agree or not with his views? What are your views on the proposal that Trump be banned from the UK? but keep in mind that the UK Government pretty much lets everyone into the UK...... Or is he saying things that make sense, things that some of the UK population would agree with. Worth ...

20 Jan 2016

Well I'm still alive but i have to admit the forum has been boring of late.

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