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A crazy idea.... Just a bit of fun! If ony Huh.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
29 Jun 2016 13:31

A crazy idea that has been floating through my mind from time to time, it may be a stupid idea but one never knows. The population of the UK at the last census 2012 was 64 million. The idea would certainly put the country on a better financial footing with allowing people to be able to buy thier own home, they will be able to buy a new car, would be able to invest if they preferred, start a small business bringing in more taxes etc. Therefore building up the economy by being taxed on whatever they purchase and giving the opportunity for a better life.

However this of course would be open for abuse so this would only be available to households that are on the electoral role. And considering this would really be a small amount in the big scheme of things.

So every household be it big or small would get the same amount tax free. Although the population stands at 64 million approx so when you extrapolate kids the possible working population would be less. It would also enable people to get of benefits at least for some time look at the savings there... As of 2012 public spending on benefits was 159bn..... Benefits from work and pensions was 166bn= 325 bn per year it may be more now of course. Also people can have there operations by going private with the NHS therefore taking the strain from the waiting list. All sorts of possibilities

One Million Pounds per household. !! That's my crazy idea. cheeky  LOL. LOL......


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29 Jun 2016 14:11

Say we have 20 million households to give this million to that would cost 20,000,000 x 1,000,000 = 20,000,000,000,000. That is 20000 billion!


The majority of the country would have no incentive to work if they had a million pounds in the bank also suddenly the cost of things would go up etc.


It is a crazy idea :-)

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