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Black swan
4 Oct 2017

Very suspicious and nothing can or will be done about it either, that's the sad thing.

Is the Town Centre manager a need post any more? Has it outlived it's stay. Tracey has done much for the town, but between the traders, the organisers and the Town Council, do we really need this post anymore?

It is quite clear from the response here, that it is very much undedcided and split between what should happen. So take it to a public poll I say, if Dawlish want's it they will turn up, if they don't they won't.

Well let's hope the rent is paid and that no more trees are felled in that area.

There were indeed many plans for Dawlish during the years, a new bandstand - in 2000 and again a few years ago. Sculptors along the sea front, pontoons, a resturant along the breakwater, landscaped gardens at the manor, a land train, dredging of the whole brook.....along many more.....but the council has lost all those willing to push new ideas, because those who werent called the shots, and had ...

@Diana Mond - it's not just the case of being a bandstand for bands. do you not feel that by taking away a large chunk of what is a concreate eyesore and replacing it with something in the form that newton abbot has would do justice in both the look and character of this seaside victorian town? we forget that the lawn boosts the home of many events throughout the year, and the bandstand is often ...

The Fair
31 Aug 2017

Well since this post is about the fair, can I say that at 5am this morning while they were packing away, it was great to see them repairing areas of grass and picking up all litter from the lawn, really considerate and caring about how the area is left, fair play to Rowlands and Sons.

@Lynne , firstly what has any of this to do with a play park, you know as much as we do about being a councillor, how does being elected, make someone qualified? of course they don't, @ER113 plain for all to see told mrs swift she was down right wrong because mrs swift, rightfully said that they have no qualifications, and @ER113 said yes they do, they were elected. i'm sorry lynne but you ...

24 Aug 2017

@Lynne - well considering we have both sat upon the town council is that not enough? i never knew in all my years that you had to have city & guilds, nvq's and a degree to represent your town as @ER113 somehow thinks you do need.

Taken it too. But what a load of rubbish. It even can't help itself but to contine to mention Newton Abbot everywhere within in it. Oh well. Did my bit.

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