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From what I understand, that even if we wanted a playpark, even if we had a public vote for it, even if it was we still have the funding available? As I understand section money is now expired.

Death in Dawlish
11 Mar 2019

Thats true, he hanged himself in prision.

Cycle path
11 Mar 2019

All I can say is, if every cyclist paid £20 tax a year to be on the road, we would end up as a country over 34 million the richer.

@Cassandra and @Dil - becareful, your posts look like you are threating Deedoodle..... I spoke to a tourist working for Talk Talk the other day too and they confirmed all was down.

New Cycle Lane Signs
25 Oct 2018

I quite agree with that, I'm not sure what done above is enough, I think mirrors or something would have been well suited too, as it does not allow cars turning in to Sealawn, become any more noticable, and cars pulling out still can't see left and right due to the vehicles parked there.

He has been found, is safe and well, and likely not to be around Dawlish anytime soon.

Looks to make perfect sense to why they have done it, to stop cyclist and cause them to slow down to the fact they are about to cross a busy driveway to sealawn?

Why are they painting the Bandstand today? It needs knocking down and the millennium bandstand put in it's place.

@majorp ? why has nothing taken the place of the clothes shop in the brunswick? looks like a nice little shop there to me!

No he had that Honey Bee place.