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Trump vs Hillary
8 Nov 2016

For me being a duel US/UK Citizen my absentee ballot is in. After living and working in the USA for thirty years I could get into this debate, but I choose not to.

Why not just dig the whole of the Lawn up and have allotments and use the wonderful bandstand as shed for tools and while they are at it take down all the trees and put black iron railings around the whole lot, of course I'm joking. Who is going to take care of this play ground, who is going to pick up all the rubbish that would be left, we have enough of a litter problem in this town as it is. ...

12 Sep 2016

I haven't really taken any notice to be honest of this white elephant that's planned. In my opinion what a waste of wonderful open space. To see families having picnics with their children and playing ball on the grassy area. Yes, it may be used during a couple of months during summer but for the most part the cost will outweigh it's use. Once it's put in place it will be vandalised I have no ...

Drunken behaviour
28 Aug 2016

I agree with what you say, but a squeaky wheel will get oil sooner or later. The email address's for the relevent contacts are listed in this post just keep sending email's or calling the 101 number the police will soon get the idea IF enough people call or send a message if you have problems in your area. Don't let Dawlish go down the toilet, I know some would say that it is already.

27 Aug 2016

New bylaws have now been posted on the information pole opposite Lloyds bank. ( Dawlish Public Space Protection Order)  I did take a photo of it but can't seem to post it on here, perhaps Ziggy could take one for the forum and post it. Now we want to see it enforced!!

16 Aug 2016

Monty, I couldn't agree more with your post. I myself have had an ongoing problem many, many times with groups of screaming drunken yobs disturbing my sleep between the hours 11pm-2am. I often make an assessment of the situation before calling the 101 number as at one time we were all young, I normally give it until midnight before i call. Now I know what you are going to say that it's a waste of ...

Oh Gary you are in between a cat fight. As for me I rather enjoy seeing these two go at it lol, but as of now I think Lynne is just ahead by a cats whisker.

S, Unless you are are qualified medical person how would you know if an elderly person, or any person for that matter, has not gone into cardiac arrest.  The plain fact is that upon calling any emergency service you have to go through a third degree with the call centre, that takes valuable time. I spoke to the attending paramedics and they told me they were the other side of Exeter when they ...

5 Jul 2016

During my time living here the past 4 years it has become very obvious that you could die waiting for an ambulance. Only today that being Monday as I'm posting rather later. An elderly lady had a fall outside the co-op with a bad and bleeding head wound. The ambulance was called and it had taken fifty, yes fifty minuets to arrive.  If it had been a heart attack the person would have died what an ...

A crazy idea that has been floating through my mind from time to time, it may be a stupid idea but one never knows. The population of the UK at the last census 2012 was 64 million. The idea would certainly put the country on a better financial footing with allowing people to be able to buy thier own home, they will be able to buy a new car, would be able to invest if they preferred, start a small ...

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